Protecting a *NEW* Werner paddle

I just purchased a NEW Werner Sidekick fiberglass paddle. Is there way to protect the edges of the blade and get some longer life out of it. From instruction and low water in the rivers i go to, my last paddle was pretty beat up, especially at the tip.

I have seen some kits that look like rubber edging that gets glued onto the paddle, but I am interested in any suggestions you may provide.


Just paddle it as is…
…wear it out, and repeat. Don’t mess up a good paddle gluing stuff on.

I can only really comment on touring, not WW or surf, but paddles I’ve used all have seemed up to the task.

I had a Werner San Juan that I use for 1400 miles and did not really baby. Other than one very small nick from a fight with a bridge and some slight yellowing of the blades - it was like new when I sold it.

I Just Sand And Epoxy
the blade edges when I see dinks with fray/stray pieces. These are a pain if they jab and get under the skin, especially carbon fibers. White water does give alot of dinks and scratches to paddles but it would take a long, long time before you wear a paddle to a nub. :slight_smile:

I guess you could put something on the end of the blade tip, though I would be bothered by not having a fine edge for doing bow rudders, draws and such. I am sure you can still do the techniques thought I would suspect additional drag. Sort of defeats the feel and purpose of a nice light paddle.


Before use, I always lightly sand the sharp corners of the edges with 320wet. I think it makes it harder to chip when it strikes something… and harder to cut you. GH

Auto parts stores
Stock a product for protecting the edge of car doors. I’ve seen people use these, but I have not tried them. I’ve been using the sand and epoxy method.

What my paddle manufacturer says…
I have a new Swift paddle and asked this same question a couple of days ago. See Paddle Cover on page 2. Clear duct tape was one suggestion but I haven’t found it yet. So was collecting Steuben crystal but it seemed less helpful.

Eddyline, who makes the paddle suggests:

“Some folks tape the blade edges with vinyl tape to protect them. Also light sanding will remove the smaller dings and will not affect your paddles performance.”

I am using electrical tape on the edge and it helps with the worst I think. Canuba wax was also suggested and I’ll probably pick up some of that, too.

Good luck and enjoy.

Car door molding
I use my fiberglass Werner mostly for whitewater, and the car door molding holds up very well. You may have to replace the molding once or twice a season, but that only takes a few minutes.

My werner is on it’s third season, and the only wear on the tip is from the few weeks I used it “naked” when I first got it. Without the molding, I’m sure that the blade would have worn down to a stub by now.

Canuba Wax?
Where can I find that?

dumb question…
This may be a dumb question, but 320 wet… is a type of sandpaper?

Epoxy types…
I don’t know adhesives, unfortunately, just regular epoxy? or is there a specific kind that has worked better than others?