Protecting my investment

I recently purchased a fiberglass kayak (Impex Montauk) after having had a plastic Necky Manitou. I transport my boats on top of my vehicle using a holly roller and Mako saddles set-up. My question is will the saddles or rollers scratch or do any damage to my new boat in transit? If so, any suggestions to prevent this from happening? Thanks.

A FG boat is harder than a poly boat
but no one could guarantee that you won’t see a little scuffing of the gelcoat. 3M makes a yacht wax that also provides some UV protection. Otherwise you would need some sort of boat condom.

Mako saddle felt pads…
You might want to put the felt pad covers over the Mako saddles. I carried a glass boat(not mine) and noticed some scratches from the saddles. I bought the felt pads before I purchased my glass boats and have yet to see the same damage…

Felt pads
are now included on the mako saddles. Carry my TideRace on the makos not a single mark on the hull.

Not to worry.
Scratches in the gel coat will happen in a variety of ways and they do not matter. The real beauty of fiberglass boats is that they can be easily repaired, even if damaged in really major ways. That is not true to the same extent of plastic boats. Scratches in a plastic boat (if this matters to you) are pretty much there if not too deep. I am not saying that you should abuse your boat. But it is not some tender thing that you need to take special precautions about.

for $10 if your saddles didn’t come with the pads, they’re a great investment…I’ve been using them for about 8 or 9 years now and if my Valleys got scratched and scuffed in the same areas each and every time for no reason, I’d be an ass…although, some might say I am an ass…

Saddles come with pads
At least the standard brands do. But using saddles without pads would come under “abuse” for me.

protecting my investment
Where can you buy just the felt pads?

buying felt pads
for the Yakima Mako Saddles:

REI carries them - instore and/or online.

if u buy online & can p/up @ local REI,

shipping is free. - shoot them an email. Very helpful folks.

Custy service is tops.

have seen them on eBay for less than MSRP

your favorite paddle shop (not the big box places)has them or can order if they are a Yakima dealer.

you can also make them yourself from felt sheets

(local hardware or fabric store) Cut to desired

shape on each saddle, adhese w. waterproof contact cement like Dap Weldwood Gel (red label)

FWIW. I use Mako saddles w. felt - never a problem w.

finishes - on either fglass or fglass/kevlar. I have two composite seakayaks, 1 thermoformed sit on top and an oldschool plastic ww boat, and the Makos support &

carry them all perfectly.

I use Hulley rollers as well… to keep the rollers clean, use Simple Green & a scrub pad every

6 weeks or so and then a light polish w.

303 Aerospace protectant which seal the pores in

the rubber areas so that they repel dirt and stay cleaner and smoother longer w. nary a scratch or scrape.

When we have ice out the rollers and saddles are removed, and the rollers soak in a dishpan of warm water and Simple Green for a thorough scrub down.

not directed to you OP, but some clueless

people put a beautiful hull on dirty, gritty

rollers and/or saddles, tighten down the boat too

much, then complain about the marks left. In that case it’s their technique and cleanliness, not the products.