Protection for my thumb nail

keep catching my thumb nail on channel seam. Well if I go for a while once is enough. Had to use Krazy glue to mend the split in my nail. I’ll see if orange R- vinyl helps keep it from catching in the seam .

:face_with_head_bandage: ouch

Go to a nail salon and get a short colorless gel nail applied until it grows out :wink:

Maybe less toxic, longer lasting, smooth.

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Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail polish. Strong, flexible. I have used it to seal the ends of rudder lines (got other things on my mind to dig out the names of those lines), Fix small repair in plastic pool toys, and use it to glue the fishing flies I tie together.

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Channel seam?


yes :+1:

I wear fingerless.

Just when going fast and pulling close to the hull high angle.

I guess I could use sports tape on my thumb but it’s PITA

Ah, got it. Try googling these: Swingline Finger Pad
Kind of weird though.

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Pick or bite it off. Problem resolved.

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4" grinder with diamond :gem: blade :scream:

I once employed a metal straight edge and a sharp knife. I was laying peel and stick tile in the laundry room and had been on my hands and knees for awhile cutting tile to fit.
Somehow my index finger tip was past the straight edge. It did a lot of bleeding and would not stop. The ER wrapped it in Vaseline soaked gause to stop it. I had a nice square cut finger tip for months.
I eventually retiled the room with ceramic.

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ouch :face_with_head_bandage::flushed:

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