Provider for plastic clips

I want to put some plastic clips at the end of some small ropes to secure various items to the boat (in particular, nav lights with suction cup bases). REI has clips for straps, but not ropes.

Does anyone know of a provider for such things?



Local outdoors store?
Usually, local outdoors stores will carry these kinds of things, and if they don’t have them they can usually order them for you.

If you can’t find them locally, Seattle Fabrics is great.

Scotty Clips

I prefer these to teh smaller ones - easier to grip with wet hands. Accepts 5/16 line through large hole, and 3/16 shockcord through the small end hole.


Seattle Fabrics will work
I agree that my local outdoor stores (in my case, REI and Great Outdoor Provision Co) should have these, but neither has the particular item I’m looking for.

Looks like the Flag Clip from Seattle Fabrics( )will do what I want.