Prowler 13 angler package

I have this on order and picking it up in june, wanted to know who has this and what they thought of it. Getting the loaded one, same options as the ocean Big Game, comes with the rudder system, 343 fish finder with transduecer, scotty rod holders and anchor system. This model only comes in yellow.

Cannot wait to try it out.

i had the 15 ft version
And my thinking on it was that it’s a very good " kayak for people that are NOT kayakers". Nearly unflippable in all conditions, quick in flat water,easy to re enter, slow in ocean chop/swell. Stupid ass front hatch design that eats up a lot of potential cargo space, though regardless it’s got plenty of capacity for 4 days or so i’d estimate.tracks well, rudder pointless in flat water. rough water tends to kinda swing the ass end right to left,which is what makes it slow in chop. or at least that’s what i concluded watching my gf paddle it. i myself only paddled it in flat water.

Prowler Demo
I demoed the Prowler in 13’ and 15’ models and ended up buying the WS Tarpon 140. Just as stable, roomier cockpit w/ flat floor and quieter/smoother ride (at least I thought so). The Prowler hull seemed to slap/slap/slap through the water with each paddle stroke. It is a little lighter than the Tarpon which can sometimes be a real chore to load and unload.

NOT kayakers.

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kayak for people that are NOT kayakers". Nearly unflippable in all conditions, quick in flat water,easy to re enter
Do not understand that comment, not kayakers, why sell a so many kayaks on the market then, they should call them something else if they are not kayaks. Some people think a sit in is better than a sit on top, put two people against eachother in different conditions, sot and sit in, it comes down to experience.
I have kayaked with people with sit in kayaks in the big waves, and they get water inside and have to go to shore to empty, sot tops keep going and perform just as well. I know you can get a spray skirt for them.
not to metion the storage and options for sot kayaks, looked into the sit ins, not half as good.

Read more, paddle more, post less

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That post contributed nothing, other than to make you sound like one of the "Not kayakers". SOT vs. SINK posts are dead ends. Don't go there.

I started on SOT - put thousands of miles on them. I (mostly) paddle SINKs now. I understand pros and cons of both and find these points are often distorted by people with their own agendas and a lack of perspective and first hand knowledge of BOTH types.

You're right about it coming down to skills - but not having appropriate SINK skills does not make an SOT better - just better for less skilled paddlers, a.k.a "Not kayakers! *L*.

Back to your main thread topic - enjoy your new kayak. Personally I's skip any "angler" packages and outfit myself. More options, more custom, less cost. I'd also opt for longer models - like a Tarpon 160 (accept no substitutes!)

where did that come from
I said nothing bad about either kayaks, both kayak styles are fine, I find alot of sot haters on this site, your post was pointless