Prowler 15

Hello i was wondering if there was anyboady out there with prowler 15. i was planing of fishing in the ocean and wanted to know aobut it’s speed, ability, and bassically everything about it.



Ask the question on or one of the other kayak fishing websites, especially those on the coasts. From what I’ve heard on the tkf website, the 15 is a nice boat, reasonalby fast, but may not be any better for what you want than the 13.

It’ll suck…
If you’re 4’2" & 95 lbs but if you’re at least average it should serve you very well.

The P-15 made my short-list when I was shopping for ANOTHER boat last year. I opted for a T-140 cuz I prefer a flat floor so I can stand to fish. I primarily fish inland marshes, not the “big water” so the criteria for my decision was different than yours is.

One of the best
plastic yaks for ocean fishing. Jon S. at KFS says the same and he can pick whatever boat he wants. I use mine for mainly marsh fishing but the few times I’ve had it in bigger water it really showed it’s capabilities. Very comfortabble in swells, fast, and fun to paddle.

Two things to look for-if your inseam is longer than about 33 inches you will exceed the length of the footwells. And if you weigh more than 250, you probably need a bigger boat.