prowler or tarpon 140?

I’m currently leaning toward these two. Would love to hear the forum’s wisdom on + and - of each.

Thanks again for all the great help!

Buy both of them…
whichever you’re not happy with… send it to me ;o)

P.S. I’ll even pay the shipping.

I’d check with on the websites of the guys at KFS and at for reviews and opinions.

I know Kingfish is eyeballing a Prowler but both boats are relatively new to the market so reviews are not common.

Tarpon for me
I was very impressed with the test run. So much so I bought 1 for me and 1 for the wife. I’m awaiting the WS 130T tandem to be delivered next month for the kids.

The tarpon is great for fishing. I live on a lake so it’s easy to put in and get pulled around by a large mouth. On the river I use the anchor and position the yak down stream from outcroppinds and cast up-stream. Great fun!

is one mean fishin’ machine.

It has a tankwell that won’t quit, PLENTY of room for storage. It’s faster than an S-Pro, much as it hurts me to say it, and it it rides better (but won’t surf as well) in a chop because it doesn’t have the bulbous high-volume bow of the S-Pro, but a sharp-prowed cleaving leading edge.

Tho’ it’s 2-1/2 inches or so wider, and therefore more stable than a Pro, it’s still faster because of other hull design considerations as well as the prow.

It has a huge –and, actually on-the-water USEFUL -front hatch! I took one out for a test drive at a demo last year, and scooted all the way up to the front -this on an empty, and therefore least stable configuration -boat, and could open & close the hatch, and reach inside, right then, right there. Now I wouldn’t do this when it was agitated, too choppy or rolling, but for calm waters its VERY nice…!

And speaking of stability -I sat sidesaddle on it, turned around and faced the rear and checked out that HUGE tankwell, sat sidesaddle the other way, and all but stood up in the thing. Some other yakkers demoing SINKs paddled up and asked me if I was in trouble and if I needed any help, LOL! Wonder what they would’ve though if I HAD stood up…

It’s a nice, rigid boat with wide gunwales and lots of surfaces for fishing goody attachments. Big gunwales for flush-mount in-hull rod holders, plenty of deck for Scotty-type surface mount rod holders, areas to mount GPS and depth/fish finders, slots to hold the next lure you want to try and your soft drink, and -yeah, that HUGE TW out back…

It paddled quite well, and had decent glide, and had I the opportunity to select my SOT today, I’d probably take it over my Old Pro… Horrors! Blasphemy!

The top end of the Prowler will be faster than the T140. May or may not be important to you.

Go to one of the yakfishing sites and ask there for the comparison, then get out there and try to try them together, fo a live, 1-on-1 comparison & contrast showdown.

The buy one, and get out there, even as you start to rig it up, and

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

Paddled both
I paddled a friends 140 and I’d say it was pretty close to my Scupper Pro. I liked it fine, but prefer the Scupper.

Demo’ed a Prowler and that’s my next boat (when and if my Scupper wears out). Ditto on everything Frank said.

I truly don’t think you could go wrong with either kayak. It just depends on which one you feel is right for you.

Saw both.
But didnt paddle either while at Jon’s(KFS)house last week.Both are real nice.Some folk’s complain about the amount of water in the CP of the 140 but that depends on your weight.Myself,between these two id probably go with the Prowler.FWIW-Ive seen some of the new color’s on the 140.The new sand is really nice and my new Pungo 140 has it.If you prefer a bright color for added viz on the water the new blend scheme is also very nice.Good luck!

tarpon tandem
have you actually seen the mythical tandem? Florida bay Outfitters says maybe in july, Demo’ed the 140 today and really liked it! And yes YOU CAN STAND UP IN IT!!!wind was 15 gusting to 20 but was in sheltered water and had no problems standing and simulating a cast with a paddle. repeated this several times ,I was impressed! the 120 was faster out the hole paddling but the 140 made up for it’s slow initial start ,once moving it’s just as fast as the 120…I’m 5’8" 160 and had no water in the footwell area, seatwell dry ,decent speed,crawled all over it 'sat on it sideways,opened and closed the forward hatch easily,Ive never paddled the prowler so I can’t compare. If only the 160 had the features of the 140 .the 160 paddled so sweetly, but the current configeration doesn’t work for warm water sports.

Prowler vs Tarpon
Paddled the Prowler and really liked it. one of my favorites. I do like the layout of the Tarpon 140 a little better, but I never tryed one. Hopefully you can try both for yourself before you buy