Pt Townsend

I’m at the kayak symposium, if anyone wants me to check out a boat put in your preferences.

Dagger Echo 14

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I will gladly take you up on your offer! I was just about to post a question on this particular model. I've been shopping for and researching 5 or 6 different rec boats and still had some questions on this one...

I was wondering about the "new" Dagger Echo 14 rec boat. I can't find many details of it on the web but it appears to me to be a clone of the WS Pungo minus the front hatch. Also, is the skeg retractable or fixed in place?

The nearest Dagger dealer is over 100 miles away and they don't keep any in stock to view or demo...mainly just order and wait (hopefully with no unpleasant surprises!) It would be great to get some thoughts from someone who can actually check one out in person.


I’m going tomorrow!
Maybe I’ll see you there.

What do you look like?


Have fun everyone!
I’m not able to make it due to injuries and a nazi physical therapist, but that’s okay, I’ll be there in spirit. Please fondle the paddle craft for me. Thanks. :wink:

Stop by LaConner Wa on your way through and I’ll buy ya a beer or two. E-mail me directly.

The K1. I have been wanting to see this one and try it out for some time. I wanted to come to PT. Townsend to the symposium, but I couldn’t get a good flight.

Have fun for me…sigh


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should be the Alaska Kayak Symposium in Anchorage. Lots of boats there. Not sure ifn you've ever been, but here's the link.

That will be on my agenda for next year. All my gear got put away in tubs last weekend, need room in the garage now to park the car.

Winter is on the way.

Nice town Salty!

Hey Lee. I would love to have you check out the new Seda Ikkuma, What’s the leg and thigh fit for a 6’ 2" 190 lb guy. It looks like a similar hull/chine design as the new Eddyline Fathom. No Seda dealer in Portland.