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I am involved with the cub scouts in my area and had a great idea to donate a canoe rack to our cities park department. I saw a similar rack in a nearby town that the citizens could rent to store their boats close to the water. I thought it would be a neat project for the scouts. Apparently some one liked the idea because I just had a organization call me and donate $500.00 toward the project. Now here is my dilema, the rack in the nearby town was a rather hoakie homemade job. I thought I would be able to find a manufactured rack or a least a set of plans. I have had no luck. Does any one have any suggestions?

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The idea is an enclosed lockable locker rental…

Heat may be a problem…mitigated with a roof over a portable container like those you see being hauled on trucks…


Open racks leave boats subject to weather and possible vandalism/theft. Thats why I’m for enclosed box “Lockers”…not to mention that they can be more easily landscaped to prevent the emplacement of an eyesore.

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check their website, contact them....they have plans for Kayak Lockers....

Is there an existing building

Something to build against? Does it need to be just on it’s own? Is the storage outside or are you enclosing the boats?

The simplest is a set of single uprights with support bars sticking out both sides. You can get boats at least 3 high without being too tall. 2 4x4’s in the ground and some galvanized pipes through the 4x4’s will to it. each pipe should stick out at least 36" to hold the wide canoes.