Public Lake Access spots?

Does anyone know of a website where I can find a map of public lake access - in Michigan in particular? I searched the DNR and came up empty handed. A google search turned up a pdf file, but I was hoping for a map.

I didn’t know if there were any paddling sites out there that listed or mapped this sort of thing.

Thank you.

A suggestion
try one of those State atlases. I think Delorme makes them.

they are about nineteen dollars, and they show the boating access by a little boat icon.

When we are in a state that we have never been in before that is usually our first resource.

They show them on every river and lake, and then you have the map of the roads right there to get to them.



Michigan County Atlas about 20 bucks
This atlas goes county by county and shows where the public access sites are. You can probably have your local Barnes and Noble order one or just pick one up at a convenience store off of a major highway in the area.

Here are some assorted web sites that might be of interest to you.

Where do you plan to go in Michigan?

If you are in Kalamazoo the folks at Lees on Kilgore Road have lots of information.

I asked for annual leave yesterday, as it looks now my first destination will be Boniface Point on Pine Lake near Doster Michigan. That lake works out super well for this somewhat handicapped lone paddler. Lots of changing scenery, islands, peninsulas, vegetation, birds, turtles, and clean water.

The Pine River up by Baldwin is for younger folks and or talented folks. Wonderful river, fast, and spooky.

Au Sable - large clean and only dangerous when they release water from the damns.

The Rifle - pretty, easy, and sweet.

Folks are paddling the Kalamazoo but all I can remember is how it smelled in the 1950’s and 60’s. Yeech.

You can always have your librarian check the World Cat for titles of books on paddling in Michigan as well.

I’m a librarian but in this job I no longer have access to OCLC and the World Cat - unless I go to a real library while we still have them.

Thank you
Thank you guys for the suggestions. I’m in the Kalamazoo area, so these suggestions really helped. Now that you mention it though - I do have one of those Michigan Atlases in the car. I didn’t even think about it. Doh!