Puget Sound Area Paddling Videos

This gentleman has been posting some scenic videos at his site that you might find enjoyable. Recreational type paddling that gives you some views of some of the Seattle area waters. This one in particular where they launch at my local Lake Washington put-in is at the playfield where I played Little League Baseball. The nearby bridge that they paddle under is SR 520 viaduct which I used to dive off of before I knew better.

Obviously he chooses his conditions carefully but not so his background music. Sorry. I had to say that. You probably have picked up from my posts that I am wound quite a bit tighter with regards to immersion wear and the use of PFD’s but there is some scenic stuff here. Take a look.

Lake Washington is one of the jewels of that area for paddlers (lived there years ago).
L Wash for anytime paddling, the Sound for squirrelly waters and currents, the coast for surf.
When I just wanted to paddle for miles, I would paddle the perimeter of L Washington, depending on bays cut, 35 to 45 miles, good long stretch for a day.