Puget Sound Paddling Buddy/Alaska Tour Partner

Hey, Steve here, 50 YO professional paddling in the Tacoma Puget Sound Area. Looking for a local paddle buddy and potential Alaska touring partner. With COVID shutting down international travel I took my trips to Prince William Sound last year, looking to continue in 2021. Glacier Bay, Kenai, open to anything. If interested PM me and see if we are a good fit.

Thanks and stay safe!

Paddling partners for long trips are hard to find. I would not even try it without knowing the person well to begin with. I have taken some long time friends on canoe trips and rafting trips that did not always go smoothly. Trips have stress from unexpected weather, wind, difficult streches of water and capsizes.

Lots of people find partners for through hiking trips. They often end up going solo after a few .weeks. Best of luck in your search.


Thanks opine. I’ve been doing outdoors a while. I got this.