Pukaskwa photos

I’ve posted photos of an exceptional paddle from Hattie Cove to the Michipicoten River in August.

We spent 12 days exploring the coast and stretched 100 miles of shore into 160. This should be on the top of your list (but don’t tell anyone)!



I will
Did 12 days too from Hattie Cove to Michipicoten ending Aug 5


The lake can be fatal. We visited with a party who five days later lost one at the mouth of the White River. With high winds from the west and a great outflow of the river the gentleman could not make it to shore and drowned…with PFD on.

Thanks for sharing your photo journal of spectacular scenery. Truly an amazing place to see. Wish I could.

Outstanding photography, but

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picasa isn't handling it well. I'm grateful to get to see the coast between Pukaskwa and the Michipicoten area, where we have spent much time. Unlikely that we are ever going to get to replicate your trip.

I've done Hatties Cove and the bay at Michipicoten, but not a spec in between.

Sad to hear
I hadn’t heard of that incident, that breaks my heart. It was such a spectacular place, but the knowledge that it can turn on you at any time is always there.

Pukakswa Pictures
Thanks for the pictures. We made it to Pukaskwa last summer and did a little fishing around Hattie Cove but didn’t have time to venture further. Your pictures are more motivation for me to plan on heading back there.

Photos and trip
Thank you, this was very interesting reading - we are planning the HC to Michipoten trip for this July.

Certainly sounds like you had a run of nasty weather. We plan to do the trip beginning July 15 - we are in no rush and, like you, have the luxury of not having to hurry.

Was sorry to hear of the gentleman who died…Lake S can be the most beautiful place in the world and the scariest place in the world - all in the same three minutes.

We bought some fancy little mylar wine storage things at canoecopia last year…may rethink that now.

Thanks again.

Watch the outflow of the rivers
that can get you into trouble as the waves build higher there. The White in particular. If the waves get big by Pictured Rocks Harbor there really is no good shelter till you get to the N Willow River.

Mylar wind is Ok but keep it in a bucket with a sealed lid… Mice are alkys…

it’s a beautiful area…with its

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terrain steeped in geological history...in addition to being a nice paddle. Nice job sharonmb.