Pulled the Trigger

-- Last Updated: Apr-13-10 5:40 PM EST --

Well, I went and done it; ordered a Minnesota II UL kevlar. Traded in my MR Horizon 17. This is my first kevlar boat. I'm just too old to pack royalex on long BWCA portages. I figure this will make my knees last just a little longer and keep me humping well into my 60s. Anyway, don't tell my wife. It's a "surprise."

P.S. I'm helping the economy, right?

that’s cool
Got a few boats in my yard, and it’s awful nice going off to play in the one’s that are light enough to throw on the shoulder.

My friend RavensJester has a Bell Chestnut Prospector in some sort of Black Gold…I dunno, some light yet tough layup. Echoed exactly the thoughts you did, and yeah, it’s working.

You are going to love it!



Bet you’ll love it
Be careful though. First time I tossed a new kevlar boat on my shoulders it almost landed in a tree.

Minn II is a great boat. Enjoy!

Pounds vs. Years
There’s a theory out there that you add an additional year to your paddling future for every pound you drop when switching boats…we went from an 80 lb+ home-built FG canoe to a 42 lb. BlueWater Prospector - so we’re good-to-go into our 90’s ;->))

Any body here want to sell a five pound
boat ???




Grow up already
You are in your 60’s. You don’t need it to “help the economy.” You shouldn’t be afraid to “tell the wife.”

Fact is you want it. Enough said !

Only my knees
are in their 60s. The rest of me is 52. So there, I don’t have to grow up yet!