Pulling dents out of CF paddles

Is there any way to pull out a small smooth dent made from a round stone after someone trod on my foam filled carbon fibre blade?

or is the only fix to fill with epoxy, sand & reglaze?

I would mix epoxy and microballoons
which will reduce repair weight a bit, and will be easier to sand.

Actually, I would probably just use the paddle without any repair.

At very minimum
I would coat the damaged area with epoxy to prevent any water intrusion into the foam core.

I believe the foam core is closed cell
and therefore will be slow to absorb water. But it would be a good idea to seal the surface as you describe.

Pulling dents out of CF paddles
Thanks for the replies. The foam core was not breached, the CF weave is completely intact & I’ve already sanded down the small area where the varnish had small cracks & reglazed so it is totaly safe from water ingress. The repair would purely be for cosmetic reasons & to stop me being irritated by the clumsy twat who trod on it whenever I look at it; it was brand f… new.

Will probably leave it & get over it eventually :slight_smile:

I’d leave it.
Think of it as a badge of honor. There will surely be more as time goes on. You will probably paddle better with it now because you won’t have an unconscious need to baby it. Who ever stepped on it actually did you a favor. :slight_smile:

Balance it
Make another dent on the other side by applying the blade to the upside (make take several swats to determine the upside) of the trogs head who put the original dent in the blade.

You’ll feel much better and smile about the matching dents.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



Nice Marshall
that made me laugh.

To the OP, you can always apply retro-reflective Solas stickers over the blemish, if they’re centrally located. That’s what I did with my beat up, expensive AT paddle, looks good.

Marshall has some nice and
effective ‘The River Connection’ paddle decals that he could probably provide you for 1st class postage. These would cover up the dent nicely. The decals are reflective and highly visible, providing additional safety on the water. I sport them on all my blades.

The dent or fill it or whatever…but always remember how it got there. Place your paddle on your kayak {under bungees} or in it,{cockpit} when on land. You are very lucky that it didn’t get broken. Never leave it laying on the ground and expect that everyone that is walking by and talking, sees it.{I am assuming…because this is one of the ways paddles get broken, the other is being slammed in car doors}

Better luck from this point on:}

Best Wishes