Pump Adapter for SUP fitting?

Anyone know of an adapter to let me use a pump with the kind of fitting in these photos to inflate a SUP?

I’ve searched a ton but can’t seem to find one. New pumps can be found that come with that SUP fitting, but can’t figure out how to adapt an older pre-SUP pump.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


Thanks for the reply, @Usedto:). I’m not seeing on that link you posted, though, a SUP attachement. Those are the right kind at the female end to attach to my pump, but the male end I need to find is the kind that mounts to the standard SUP attachment (called an HK Valve I believe).

I can find plenty of HK Valves, but just can’t find any that can attach to this sort of pump.

I don’t know what this attachment point is called yet (any ideas, anyone?), unfortunately, so alas all I can search on is HK valves and like I said can’t seem to find any with the right female side.


I’ll have to look at my wife’s one this weekend. I thought they were standard

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This maybe? I’m assuming the clear hose would fit over one of the pieces you have

ya i saw those and thought about trying to attach it somehow maybe just some gorilla tape. i’ll prolly give that a go if i can’t find something with the right valve on the female side, but really hoping to avoid it cuz i’m pretty sure that’ll just become one more thing i have to worry about whether it’s gonna fail the next time i try to sue it; soon or later the tape or glue will fail. but ya, definitely the fallback position.

You shouldn’t need to tape it. You should be able to jam it on there and remove it when you’re done