Pump water filter alternitive?


I’m trying to look at all options for ultra light pack canoe trips with long caries.I have a pump water filter I usually carry,but am considering some alternitives to save weight.

1.Water treatment pills(Any health concerns)

2.Water bottle with filter inside.

3.Water filter straw.

4.Boiling in camp.

5.Any combinatin of the above.

I have and have used all of these for short,but not on a long trip.Suggestions?

Any other weight saving ideas are welcome.


water treatment
I have used AquaMira (or Pristine in Canada) for the past few years with good results. Two small plastic vials. Mix 7 drops of each, let sit for 5 minutes, add to a quart of water, shake. 10-15 minutes later it’s ready.

Boiling water? Unless you’re doing it over a campfire the fuel you’ll carry to boil that much water will weigh more than any filter.

A tarp can do double duty as a rain collector, too. My favorite is Hennessy’s system. Aside from a great design, it TOTALLY GUARANTEES no rain for the duration of your trip!!


water bottle filter
You are going to have a water bottle anyways to hold water so … I use a BOTA filter in a soft Nal. bottle in the BWCA for drinks. I boil water if needed for meals.

AquaMira and Pristine are your lightest options, especially if you repackage them into lightweight droppers like those sold by Gossamer Gear. Potentially, a Miox (or any system if a really long trip without resupply) system could be lighter depending on the length of the trip, but, IMHO, the Miox is a PITA. My review here: http://www.nessmuking.com/miox.htm

Second the Botta Bottle…

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uh...that's BOTA bottle....(Sheesh...I get thunder thumbs sometimes....)

you can use it to filter into a pot by inverting and a light squeeze.....but it's slow that way.....

Consider a gravity filter....

Water Filter for sure
I tend to use a lot of water so I don’t skimp on the water filter. The current model fulfilling my needs now is the First Need Water Filter by General Ecology.



Re: Pump filter alternative
I’ve used Aqua Mira on climbing trips since it was introduced(I got tired of glacial silt plugging up my filter). As I transition into solo canoe trips, I think I’ll stay with it.

Anybody use
Steripen? Ultraviolet light to scramlbe DNA of little buggers?

We started using the steri-pen on our last trip.

It’s a nice way to go, quick, with no pumping. Pre filter gets the big chunks and like you say the uv light scrambles the dna of the rest. It doesn’t work when it’s below 32 or if there is floaties in the water, hence the pre filter.

I talked to a friend in a hospital lab, and he said they use it on their water system. He said it is sound technology that has been in use for quite awhile.


Miox and others
I pretty much agree with bryanhansel’s assesment of the Miox. I own one, and wanted to really, really like this unit. Its not a bad device, it works, and is super small and lightweight. But it can be a pain sometimes. I’ve gone back to using a pump for most trips. I do use the Miox, depending on the situation. (Longer trip where I want less weight, or if I’m going super light.) Sometimes I’ll pack mine along on a shorter trip where I don’t think I’ll need to resupply my water, but I don’t want to be caught without. (I’m don’t want to carry the entire pump just for an emergency.) The biggest thing to remember about any system such as Miox / pills / pens / is that while they do a great job at killing the ickies in the water, you still have to filter the water unless you like yours chuncky style.