Pumpkin boat

I don’t even know what to say about this but thought that I would not be the only person to enjoy this pumpkin.

A BIG pumpkin.

Appears to be a 38 mile float down the river with lots of bracing required.

A missing wife alert has been issued. It seems a guy name Peter claims his wife is missing and so is her pumpkin shell.


Around here he would have been immediately pulled over by the Fish and Game guys for not having a launch permit.

I think it should go in the record books as a 38 mile float not a 38 mile paddle as CNN (fake news) reported. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

One thing for sure I bet it turns really well.

The paddle looks like a Bending Branches?

It’s only about half a mile long, but Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada has been holding an annual Pumpkin Regatta for something like 20 years now. It happens in October and people paint and decorate their pumpkins. Sometimes even having two people in there together paddling.

If he got stranded without supplies, he could eat the boat. Talk about self-supported, carbon-neutral, nontoxic hobbies!

It’s still impressive as a float.


I wonder if a gigantic zucchini would be more directionally stable. Hard chines, too.


We went to our county fair last week and this monster won all the awards. I put my large water bottle next to it for scale. Maybe next years entry will be large enough to make a dugout from.

How good are they to eat?

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That’s it. I’m selling my yaks and planting pumpkins!

Damariscotta has pumpkin boat races
Some have outboards!
There is a paddle pumpkin class too
Amazing no one overturns in the cokd ocean waters!
The eew factor is considerable if your pumkin is not lined

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As a kid (circa 1965) plastic milk bottles replaced reusable glass and the milkman was a thing of the past. My dad was in awe of the plastic jugs and started saving them as they were too good to throw out. After his collection reached many hundreds I asked him if I could have some to build a boat or raft or something.

I built a 2 man/kid raft boat with removable dolly wheels we would push about a half mile and then sail on Lake Erie. How I wish I had photos of that.

I have often thought of doing some kind of charity event maybe a river float where the boat has to be made from garbage plastic bottles. Make something good out of basic garbage. Why waste a perfectly good pumpkin that could feed a 100 people for a week.

Seems I’m not the only one, maybe the first. Kon-Tiki was a big influence on me growing up.


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No. The big ones taste terrible - even the jack o lantern ones for halloween. Ask for a pie or sugar pumpkin if you want to use it for food.

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Clearly another paddling enthusiast

He made it into the Guinness book of records as the world’s longest paddle in a pumpkin.

Some German will beat it next year, it is their sport.

One year, there were so many spectators that they had to show it on live video in the movie theater downtown just to make sure everybody could watch.