Pungo 100 and Old Town Dirigo 106

I am looking for some advice in purchasing a kayak (actually 2 kayaks). I’ve narrowed the choice down to the Pungo 100 or the Old Town Dirigo 106 for use on lakes and quiet rivers. My determining factors will be speed (yes, I know, 10 foot boats aren’t fast), tracking and comfort. (I’m 5’4" and my paddling partners range from my height to 6 feet)

I would love some advice!

You will never notice the difference

If you could demo paddle both,

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you would find a big difference. Dirigo is more barge like then the pungo.. Don't be fooled by the little dryholder of the Dirigo's dash board. The Pungo is much much better all the way around.Can't even compare the seat, the wilderness seat is best. Good luck with your choice,, I have never regretted my choice on the 2 Pungo's I bought.

Pungo 100 vs Dirigo 106

Thanks for the advice. I am planning on demoing these kayaks in 2 weeks, but unfortunately, REI’s sale is over on Sunday.

Which pungos do you have? And… The Pungo 100 is a bit wider than the Dirigo, but you still think that the Dirigo is slower (a.k.a barge-like)? That piece of info will make a difference to me.

Thanks again!

my Pungo’s

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are the 100 and the 120.. I generally paddle the 120 and my wife paddles the 100. I frequently have friends paddle the 100 and they all love it, I am 6' about 225 lbs and most friends are about the same size,,the 100 works well for them, I won't give up the 120 for them.
Ultimately, I wish I went for 2 120's, but my wife wanted the 100 after many demo's.. Hope this helps.. No matter what, Kayaking is a great hobby.. Of all the purchases I have made in my lifetime, I have never regretted my decision for the Pungos. I was between the same 2 boats (Pungo/ Dirigo) when I decided. Big diff in tracking also..

Have you paddled both?
just askin.

Pungo vs Dirigo continued…
I haven’t had a chance to paddle either of these kayaks yet, but I hope to next week. My past experience has been with an rental Otter and a Prodigy. I want to purchase 2 reasonably priced ($400 - $700) rec kayaks that will move through the water quicker and are more comfortable than the Otter or Prodigy. I have spent the better part of this winter (MN) researching kayaks and have come down to the Pungo and the Dirigo, but we’ve still had ice on our water here, so I haven’t been able to demo any yet. (I was hoping to take advantage of the REI sale to purchase the kayaks, but I am afraid to before I can demo them.)

Any other input out there?? Thanks so much!

No better seat than on…
…the Pungo for a kayak of that class

The speed difference is in the head
There is so little difference, if any, that it wouldn’t measure on a GPS. I haven’t paddled the Dirigo, but do own and have paddled OT kayaks, in general, OT kayaks track very well. As for the seat, the seat in the OT kayaks is considered one of the most comfortable. Paddle both if you can and make up your own mind.

Paddle both in some chop, then choose.

i love my pungo.
I took my pungo 100 on a 3 day trip last weekend and was able to carry all of my gear. I don’t know if that helps your decision, but it was pretty good.