Pungo 100 phase 3 seat adjustment

I just purchased a used Pungo 100, and am eager to get it in the water.

When the sales man showed me the seat, and demo’d that the back could be pull;ed up to provide better back support i thougt “Great!”

Now i have it home, I am trying to figure out how it goes back down? It seems to be locked in position at the highest spot.

I looked here


but it dosnt give any instruction.

I’d appreciate any help you can offer!


Pungo seat adjust…
Down between your legs there’s a little cord with a red ball on it, and a silver metal locking tab. To raise the seat bach, press the tab down and then pull on the ball/cord. If you press the tab only, the seat back should drop.

This is from memory back in Sept-- haven’t had my 'yak out yet this spring.

youse got a good memory! :wink:

the little cord lock holds the adjustment. for good paddling posture the seat back should be low and loose. too high and it will inhibit good rotation.


Thanks alot.

I’m really looking forward to getting it in the water!