Pungo 100 vs Prodigy 100?

New yak driver. Or I should say, looking to become a new yak driver. My areas of interest will be slow rivers (probably VERY slow, with tons of rocks and not much water most days, truth be told), ponds and the shoreline of Lake Erie. Trips under 2-3 hours, I expect.

Can anyone make a recommendation between the Pungo 100 vs Prodigy 100 for these applications? I’m 5’11, 180lbs, with a rather finicky back when it comes to seating positions.

Thanks for your input.


Until you mentioned shoreline …
What’s your political party affiliation ? I need to know this before giving you an answer because there is a lot riding on this, this year.

My politcal views?
Alas, my political philosophy is: do what you like, just don’t get any on me. Hope that helps.