Pungo-12 classic?

This evening I bought a Pungo-12 from some Airman who was giving up the sport. It cost me $50 which is a great deal so now I am trying to track down a bit of info. I think that it is the Classic with the last 4 being D000 which means it was made in 2000 or 2010?
It has no bulkheads but a round rear hatch with a carry bag and the usual fat-boy extended cockpit. It has a single fishing pole set but that may be factory or added later.
I was easily able to lift it to the saddles on my SUV so it weighs nothing.

Can anyone tell me more about this? Am I correct in calling it the ‘classic’? What are the differences between the Classic and other versions? Is it a 2000 or 2010? I can add pics later when the sun is up.

Great deal on a great - within it’s obvious limitations - kayak.

I’ve never heard the term “classic” used before. I know that in some years WS produces a Pungo in thermoform that they call the Ultralite model, but that’s all I know.

It’s a 2000, classic refers to the old original pungo, not the current redesigned and different lengths

You have a Pungo 1st Gen. D000 means it was built in April of 2000.

They offered the boat in both a standard layup and a lighter poly build that weighed 10 pounds less (not to be confused with the UL versions today, which are ABS). If you have the lighter one, just be careful of how tightly you strap it to your rack on hot days, since they were prone to deformation.

For $50, you did well, but put floatation bags in it if you’re ever paddling water deeper than your head. It’s definitely not a boat you ever want to swamp.

put floatation bags in it if you’re ever paddling water deeper than your head. It’s definitely not a boat you ever want to swamp.<
I had planned to do that as there is zero flotation in the boat. Fortunately I have a few in my gear box for that reason.

I’ve never heard the term “classic” used before<
I found it on YouTube when I searched for Pungo-12. A German vid called it a ‘classic’ and one website I cannot find this am called it a ‘classic’, both had the same boat with the same stern hatch and set-up.

This thing is lighter than Shea’s more modern Pungo, I was able to toss it on my SUV solo. It will never replace my OT Dirago-12 or my CD Whistler-145 but for a loaner boat for day trips it will do well.
I figured that it was probably the 2000 model but wanted whatever info I could get from you who know more than do I.

Got the boat, called my daughter over to renovate it.
Removed the fishing pole holder and put a patch over the hole.
Replaced the bungie.
Added a paddle holder and pad-eyes.
The hole in the bottom was the problem. The patch was poorly done so I fisex the patch, put an overpatch on the inside and feathered and smoothed the outside hull. All in all it is now looking good and a day-boat or weekend camper.