Pungo 120 for a beginner?

I have never kayaked before, but I would really like to learn this spring. A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend, and now she is selling his kayak that he used maybe 5 times. It is a Pungo 120 she bought new, and will sell it to me for $400. This seems like a really good price so I don’t want to pass it up (even though I’ve never used it or kayaked before), so I’m wondering if I should just buy it now.

Originally, I wanted one of those really short kayaks like a whitewater kayak, mainly because it looks like you’d be able to easily maneuver them and you could transport them more easily, but since I’m a beginner, I’m guessing that would be a bad idea and they’d be harder to use?

I’m 6’, 195lbs. I’m pretty much only be using this kayak on a river near my house which is fairly calm. Thanks for any advice.

Buy it
That’s a good boat especially for $400. Pungo’s are very popular with beginners.

Pungo better than WW boats
Most beginners like to get from point A to point B in a pretty straightforward fashion. That is not what WW boats are designed to do - they turn all over the place.

If you want to add things like rolling to your repertoire, the Pungo won’t help. But for just paddling around on flat water without doing anything fancy, the Pungo’s do a decent job.

Pungo 120
The Pungo 120 is great beginners boat for lakes and slow rivers. $400 is a fantastic deal. You won’t regret the purchase at that price. In a year or two, you might want something faster, but you’ll get your money back if you sell the Pungo on Craig’s List.

what they said…
a good deal fer shure, but more importantly it’s a good boat for what you describe. The Pungo family is very user-friendly and might suit you a long time.

good luck.


Buy It
I concur, great boat for your height/weight. The price is good too. I would also recommend picking up a 230cm paddle if ones not included. Don’t skimp on the paddle, with the savings your getting on the boat you could put about $130 on a Werner Tybee and still be ahead of the game. Good luck and happy paddling !

Buy it.

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Or tell us where it is.

I’d probably go with a 220cm paddle, even in the Pungo. I’m 5’ 11" and generally dislike having a 230cm paddle no matter what boat I’m in (pungo + dirigo + that variety included).

Buy it…quick. Great boat. NM

Great Litte Boat
I picked out a boat for my wife and she did not like it, so I let her pick out the next one. She picked a Pungo because its very comfortable.

I would have picked somemore more sea worthy, but she does not paddle in the open ocean, anyway. She really loves.

She was right, I was wrong.

Didya get it?


Good deal and great kayak
This is what I used to have, then I had a 14 foot Pungo which has bit the dust. Excellent kayaks for beginning and for your size or larger.

Price is right.

Good luck to you.

how so many folks call the Pungo a “beginner” boat. A person should buy a boat for it’s intended use as IMO, there is no such thing as a beginner boat. A Tempest is a great boat for a beginner who aspires to paddle the sea. Take a lesson and learn how to paddle and the Tempest is fine. Why would you need to graduate up from a Pungo (or any rec boat for that matter) The Pungo is a great boat for ANYone desiring a stable, good tracking boat with a roomy cockpit.