Pungo 120 - Good or bad Deal?

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So a friend of mine is offering to sell me a pagkage deal of his used Pungo 120, Bending Branches "Bounce" Paddle, Yakima Hull a Port Kayak Rack and The Lock Cores for $700.

I own a Pungo 120 and am really only buying the boat to have a boat to take friends out in. The boat for sale has mainly been used on flat water except for one river trip we took which gave it some damage on the bottom with 2 noticeable scraps/ gashes on the bottom.

What do you think a boat like this would cost used. I'm debating on buying new or going with his.

I don’t think he is that good a friend !
jack L

Want to help him out?
Being that the whole kit would be about $900 + tx., do you want to help him out by buying it?

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If I saw it on CL
I wouldn’t be interested

Wouldn’t the rack set up itself be about

If it was not near perfect and less than a year old it would not be worth the 200 off for me. How old is it?

Not in Horrible Shape
Its a 2014 Pungo, with river wear on it (Ie. heavy scratching and a couple gashes on the body lines. I know my own boat was in pretty bad shape after that same trip. The rest of the boat looks fantastic otherwise.

New…it think
I think it goes for about $215 New for the rack then $40 for the lock cores for the rack.

I meen I dont mind helping him out, hes about to get married which is why he wants to sell it. I was kinda breaking down the ideal price in my head as

Pungo 120 - $400

Bow Downs - $100

Paddle - $50

Lock Cores - $20

Total: $570

It it was in a little better shape I could justify the 700, most seem to sell for 400 - 450 used tho.

That is reasonable
If he really needs the money let him find that buyer, if it doesn’t sell he’ll drop the price for you. If you have room on your rack to mount the kayak upside down you don’t need the bowdowns.

Help him out
and buy it!

$450 in PA
There is a Pungo 120 for sale in Delta, PA at $450


The seller is a dealer [Starrkmoon Kayaks] who took it in on trade.

1/3 to 2/3
I usually look at 1/3 to 2/3 for boats. Age, shape, and such says where within the range.

A suggestion - why not get a different boat? You already have one. Maybe pick up a different model so when you are on your own you have a choice, but also have 2 boats for when you have a guest. Maybe get a SOT if you might want to try fishing? Or a crossover if you may want to do so e moving water? Or a day touring if you want the ability to paddle larger waters?

Suggest he place ad for $600 on CL
Since he needs the money, help him sell it by showing him what a reasonable price is on CL. He would be unlikely to get $700 from other buyers, so you’ll be helping him get cash more quickly.

echo this
unless you’re in his debt and are looking for a way out

It’s often a challenge when a friend offers to sell you something and they are really needing the money. One’s desire to help them out can short-circuit your judgement as to whether you really want the item or if the price is fair. My experience has been that it’s best to sidestep such sales because they can lead to longstanding grudges between friends. If you actually get a great deal from them, they may continually be reminded that they sacrificed a valued possession when they see you using it (and even feel that you “took advantage” of their temporary desperation. If you pay too much and find it isn’t really something you need or want, you yourself may harbor some resentment at feeling compelled to help them out.

I was recently reminded of past experiences with this when I mentioned to a good friend that I had successfully sold my 10 year old refrigerator because I had found a great deal on a fancier new one that suited my remodeled kitchen better. She was bummed out that I had not told her I had the fridge available – she would have bought it since hers is really ancient and giving her problems. At first I felt bad that I had not given her the chance to buy it. Upon further reflection I realized that I was glad I had not. First off, she lives alone in a house that can only be accessed via steep narrow steps, so I would probably have had to be involved in trying to get it into her place. Second, she tends to be very fussy and probably would have plagued me with complaints about the thing over time. And heaven help me if it ended up breaking down or having problems.

It is for similar reasons that I never sell my used cars to friends or family members.

Like good fences making good neighbors, avoiding cash transactions for goods between friends can be the wiser choice. Even GIVING such items to friends and family can be fraught. I’ve given nice (and relatively valuable) kayaks and paddling gear to people close to me and then felt very distressed when I discovered they were neglecting them or storing them badly.