Pungo 120 or 140 is bigger that better?

Unfortunately I am unable to try before I buy. I keep coming back to these two or perhaps a Perception America. However I like the big cockpit of the Pungo’s. Primary use is on a 30 acre residental lake where waves never get over six inches. So my question is “Is the extra cost of the 140 worth it?” It seems I can get a 120 for around $550 but the 140 is around $770. I am 5" 10" and 215lbs. Presently using a 10’ SOT but it is slow and I was looking for a faster more easily propelled kayak.

Would appreciate any comments on the two Pungo’s from those who have used both.

Thanks in advance


Pungo 120
I was in Florida recently and rented a Pungo 120 from one of the outfitters to take on the Intracoastal waterway. I am smaller than you at 5’9" and 150 lbs. but I had ample room. If you can’t demo or sit in the models, you should review the dimensions of each carefully to see what is most suitable for you.

I found the 120 to be incredibly stable. It even handled swells of 2’ to 4’ created by the large power boats (as long as the bow was directed into the swell). It was quicker than I had expected considering the wide beam and short length. It also tracked extremely straight. If the size of the 120 works for your build, it is a good entry-level yak for your stated purpose.

I own both.
Bought the 140 2 years ago. Great Boat. Fast. Bought the 120 so I could have a boat for friends to use. It is a little lighter, turns better, and is about as fast. If speed is all your into, get the 140. I paddle mostly twisty turney, minor whitewater rivers and creeks and the 140 has not been out of the shed in 6 months. You would have to have the 140 and the 120 side by side on water to really notice the speed difference in the two. Best bang for the buck is the 120 in my opinion. Good luck. You can’t really go wrong with either.


Forgot to add…
I outweigh you by 30 lbs. and the 120 is my favorite. Human size is not an issue with either of these boats. If your too big for a Pungo, your in trouble :slight_smile:


Paddled both, liked both.
I ended up with the 140 and have been quite pleased with its performance. I’ve had it in everything from small creeks to the Great Lakes. The 120 was definitely the better of the two for rivers, and the speed difference would be nominal on a small lake. I guess if it was me, a Pungo120 and $220 extra in my pocket (or in gear) would make me happier than a Pungo140 by itself in your circumstance. What 10’ SOT are you upgrading from?


Pungo 120 was my first
kayak. I chose this because of the 49# weight and large cockpit. It was an excellent choice for me. I paddle only flatwater, a.k.a. lakes and backwater. I have just traded for the Pungo Duralite 120 which has the same exact hull design as the 120 but is 10# lighter. I did this because I must traverse a couple sets of steps from my patio to the driveway (oh, my aichin’ back). Whatever you choose, don’t fret if you must make a change later. These recreational yaks are relatively inexpensive and hold their value for resale.

Happy paddlin’

The 140 if speed is important
I recently bought the 140 and a friend bought the 120. The 140 is considerably faster than the 120. My friend has trouble keeping up with me and will probably be trading up to the 140 soon. They are both great kayaks. We had some rough weather on our last trip and they handled the rough water very well.

Find a Wildy Dealer

I know that we live in a big state but I cannot believe that you are not within a short drive of the many WS dealers here in Texas. They are thicker than flies!!!

Although I own an “original” Pungo and a Tarpon 160 I paddle with many freinds who have both 120’s and 140’s. You can’t go wrong with either one but it would still be best for you to give both a try.

If you are within a reasonable driving distance to Dallas, you can get a free demo from Mariner Sails and Watersports who IMHO just happen to be the best dealer in the state!


Between those boats
My brother has the original Pungo, which is equivalent to the 120. I have the original Perception America, at 13’6". The America dusts the Pungo in speed on flatwater, and attains an awful lot better upriver from what I’ve seen when paddling in groups on rivers.

The Pungo 140 just by nature of length will be faster than the 120. However, if you’re talking $770 for a 140 just to get speed, consider seriously saving yourself the dough and getting the Perception America. I bought mine one season used in absolutely perfect condition from an outfitter for $350!

The main difference is that the Pungo has the Phase 3 seating, which is incredible, but probably not worth $400.

However, if speed is your thing, you may also want to consider the WS Cape Horn or the Perception Carolina. The cockpits are much smaller, so if you want that big recreational boat cockpit, these would not be good choices. But if you’ve got $700 to throw down and want speed for flatwater, you’d have a hard time going wrong with either of those boats with a rudder.

The guy above who gave the advice about just buy one without beating yourself up too much because you’ll be able to trade out without having lost too much value is right on target. Especially if you trade out at a boat swap used for used. All the boats you mentioned are well made, comfortable, and very well suited to your size and purpose.

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pungo 120 but
you might want to check out the perception sundance 12. I have two pungo 120’s love them both. Got a great deal on a sundance. The sundance is as rooomy as the pungo, faster, and the seat is fairly comfy. The stability is about equal to the pungo. I do not think the extra $$$$ for the 140 is worth it. Buy used if you can. We purchased the sundance from Galyans for about 385.

Good luck

Paddle Happy


The 120
I’ll add to the general consensus. The Pungo 120 has ample space and stability and will provide you options to branch out from lakes to streams/rivers more easily than the 140. At 6-2 and 250 I,ve had no problems with the 120. I also like the 100 for streams and rivers.

Future Beach SOT

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I am upgrading from a Future Beach SOT it is a very stable catamaran style hull not fast though.


Thanks for the comments
I am thinking the 120 will be the best value buy and that now leaves the choice of paddle, any suggestions there for the 120?

I am not speed “obsessed” but the Future Beach SOT I have been using while very stable and strong is definately slow I cannot keep up with the Old Town my neighbor has.

Thanks again for the comments.



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Take a look at some of the Werner fiberglass paddles. They are light so you won't tire easily and they work well in propelling the boat at a good speed. The model we bought was $180 per paddle but well worth the investment; especially with the money you save buy purchasing the 120 over the 140.

Two schools of thought
I’ve had very good experiences with Aquabound paddles as well as the higher end Carlisles, which will keep you under $100. In fact, the best quality to dollar ratio I’ve had the pleasure to try out is the Carlisle RS Magic. This is to say that you don’t have to dole out gobs of money to get a decent paddle to get you around a thirty acre lake in a rec boat. Also keep in mind that cheaper, heavier paddles are by nature near bullet proof and make good spares down he line. By the way, the Pungo120 should be leaps and bounds ahead of the Future kayak in most aspects, but you may want to keep the SOT around for fishing off of and letting kids play with; it looks well suited for diving too. The other way to go is, as said, spend a little more on the paddle especially when you’ve just saved on the kayak. You’re likely to have the paddle longer than the boat, and though you have to carry the boat to and from the water, you’re going to be holding that paddle out at shoulder height for a lot longer. Give a look at the Aquabound AMT Expedition for a good, mid-priced light paddle.


pungo or america
Was initially interested in America 13.5, shop said they could order it but would recommend pungo 14. Said it has a better seat & tracks better. Also heard the plastic is better. Demoed the pungo 14 and liked it. Did not like the fact that there was no front bulkhead. Seat was comfortable. Any opinions? Still planning to demo America.