Pungo 120 or 140?

-- Last Updated: Apr-23-05 4:24 PM EST --

My first kayak is a Perception Sundance 12 which I really like. I want to get another yak so I can take someone with me. I'd like something very similiar but slightly different. It will be used in the same manner as the Sundance, light cruising and used a lot for casting for bass.

A Pungo is starting to look good. Which would be "better," a 120 or 140? From what I've been reading they would mostly be the same, with a slight gain in speed with the 140. Correct? Comments would be appreciated.

Any other yak that would fit the bill? I am also looking at the OT Driigo.

I did read the reviews, but I always take those with a huge grain of salt. Almost everyone rates their yak a 9 or a 10.

I tried both extensively before settling on the P140. I felt that the P140 is a tad faster, glides straighter for longer and definitely handles the rougher water conditions better. It’s a great fishing machine and w/the half skirt and full skirt you’re ready for any kind of weather.

deja vu
I thought this looked familiar…


save the extra $$$
My wife and I have Pungo 12’s (Classic) and love them. On a recent trip to Florida, we rented 14s and could not detect any difference at all. I’d say go for 12 and save the bucks. If you can find the Classics for sale anywhere, you’ll save even more.