Pungo 120 vs 140

Newbie here buying my first boat. I have narrowed it down to the Pungo but am stumped between the 12 and the 14 ft. I’ll be on large lakes and slow rivers, including day trips and overnight camping. I’m 5’6 and 215lbs. Drive a Subaru Crosstrek that sits at 14.7 ft. long. Suggestions? THANK YOU.

Large lakes?
Great Lakes?

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The 120 only has a single bulkhead so you would need an inflatable float bag in the open end for safety. At your weight the longer boat would be a better fit for displacement especially loaded. The Pungos are not really the best choice for large lakes or for overnight touring. The width makes them a rough ride in choppy water ( something you will run into in big lakes) and also slower than regular touring boats if you are planning to paddle with others. Pungos are primarily recreational style boats, for moderate day trips on mild waters. For what you are describing, a Tsunami 145 would be a better choice.

In general…

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In general, longer boats are more useful on the water, but shorter is easier to handle/transport/store. Which is more important to you? If you can transport/store the longer boat, I'd go that direction.

This is all excluding the other questions brought up related to how big your large lakes are.

Pungo 140
I agree that a Tsunami would be a better choice but if you really want a rec boat like a Pungo then you should go with the 140.

At your weight a 120 will be quite low in the water. I paddled a 120 for a year and my 195lbs made the boat sit as low as I’d want it to.

Pungo 120 vs 140
Thanks,all for the helpful advice!!

I agree that at your weight the 140
is best. I weigh 230 and it put the 120 too low in the water.

car length does not matter.
I haul an 18’ kayak on a Mazda CX-5 which is 14’ 10" long.

The Tsunami 145 is specifically designed for larger paddlers. It will perform better for you than the lower volume boats for your intended use. For the extra $400 it’s a more versatile boat.