Pungo 120 vs Dirigo 120

I’ll be buying my first boat in the next day or two.

After much reading I’ve arrived at the Pungo 120 and Dirigo 120 as good options for what I am looking to do.

I’m looking for input on making my choice based on price and needs.

I found a 2008 / 2009 Blue Pungo 120 for $600 with the rubber snap on lid - includes an ExtraSport PFD, day tripper paddle with grips and paddle clips, dash board and cockpit cover.

I also found a 2008 or 2009 Dirigo 120 for $475 boat only with the tan interior (3 ply)

I’m looking to use this boat on a small lake for exploring the spots that a row boat cannot get into due to weeds and lilly pads. Also will be used for mild parts of the Chatahoochee and shorelines of big Lake Lanier.

I’m pretty familiar with the differences in the hull and how people say that they handle. It looks like I would be happy with either boat.

any input on my current choices of used boats would be appreciated.


here’s what one owner of both says

Should tell you everything you need to know about those two boats from someone who owns them both

Thanks, I’ve read that
I’ve read that and was a good source for info. I was just wondering if you had the two boats that I listed

at those prices, which would you go home with?

I’m leaning pungo, seems to be the best over all value in this case and I favor blue over Orange.

I’m answering my own question, but just wanted to see if which way the opinions swayed.

i have the Dirago,
my daughter’s mom has the Pungo.

Both are excellent boats.

I prefer the Dirago because the hatch is hinged and the deck flat.

other than that, I really don’t see any differnece in performance, cargo, etc.