Pungo 120 VS Loon 120

I’m just doing my research, with my sister, with the hope to purchase our first kayak. My plan is to bring my 35 lb Aussie with me so looking for a yak to accommodate. Also looking for most comfortable, stability, good tracking. Will use on lakes and some rivers in Alberta. Looking for advice on which kayak (Pungo or Loon) would suit my needs. Thanks!

To clarify, you do not mean any of the whitewater rivers in Alberta. Right?

Have you seen the thread titled “Kayaks sold out everywhere?”. Since the Pungo and Loon appear to have very similar specs, you may want to grab either one if you can find stock somewhere. Otherwise, if you’re lucky enough to find stock of both, I’d sit in them and go with the one that feels more comfortable to you. Some seats just don’t work well for some people.

Check your total weight plus dog. If over 200# , get a longer boat.

My weight plus my dog would be under 200lbs. Probably close to 180

Yes I saw the thread about kayaks sold out everywhere. After talking to staff in many stores I had found that out as well. I am ok to buy one at the start of our season next year, assuming that they will be back on the shelves

No, most definitely not. I’m very new to this so no plans to do whitewater rivers

Weight s/b fine.