Pungo 120 Vs Pamlico 120?

I am a total newbie and am looking for kayaks for me and the wife to use around Chattanooga,TN. I am 6ft 170 Lbs. Would use em on local lakes, rivers and creeks. Looking at Wilderness systems Pungo 120.

What are the biggest differences in these boats?

i have had both, the biggest difference is the bottom of the hull, the pamlico hull is about flat on bottom, as the pungo is in a v shape, the pamlico will go in shallower water, i think the pungo is a faster hull of the two, both are real stable kayaks.

for a beginer?
Would one of them be considerably easier for a beginner to learn to paddle on? Would the Pamlico then be better if I was to throw in some light whitewater?

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I tried both last weekend on the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta. I really liked the "feel" of the Pungo 120 Vs Pamlico 120. But both were fun boats. It was suggested to me by the store owner that I might like the Pamlico (cost less) but he agreed I couldn't go wrong with either model.

BTW, I'm 6ft (my wife says 5'11") and 190, if that matters and I'm a newby wanna be. So take this witha large grain of salt.

how do ya like that?

as i recall from demo-ing the two boats a few years ago, the pamlico was more maneuverable in shallow water and could handle some class I & II WW. the pungo was faster and more stable but only by a little. i could spin the pam better but liked the feel of the pungo for covering distance. the pungo was not recomended for ww.

a friend of mine bought a pamlico and loves it for duck hunting because he can really go into the shallows and set up his hide-with-the-mosquitos outpost.

me, i like my pungo for fishing. does great in the deep water lakes and rivers where i lurk with the mosquitos…

The Pamlico is
more forgiving in situations where the current in rivers changes directions such as eddylines, whirlpools and boils. I use a Pamlico 100 in Northern California’s Carquinez Strait sometimes. The tidal current can be pretty strong and the Pam is easier to take through current changes.