Pungo 120 vs Something else

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Well sad news: A friend of mine was storing my Pungo when he had a fire in his pole barn. My Pungo is now a glob of gue.... On the upside, his insurance covered everything that was toasted, so I now have get to purchase a new kayak.

I was very happy with my Pungo, it was about 5 years old so it was one of the original, I think it became the classic. I was so happy I was just going to purchase the Pungo 120. A local dealer let me know that Wilderness Systems has changed the hull. That was the best part. I loved how my Pungo tracked.

So now i'm looking around again. The Stats: I live in South East Michigan and do not have access to many dealers. Its really hard-- each dealer only carries 1 or 2 models and demo days are far and few between. Two local places no longer have them due to insurance reasons.

I do flat water lakes and slow moving rivers. I fish from it occasionally. I am 190 and like I said the old Pungo fit my needs. I was suggested a Blackwater, but when I paddled my friends, it seemed like a pig. It tracked well but I felt like a barge.

Any other suggestions to try? Im really interested in the Huricane Sanee XL but have not located any friends that have it. Our local dealer says it light (it is 38lbs) and tracks well. He also sells them, so my radar is up. Any other suggestions? Or should I just stay with the new Pungo 120?


I think that the Pungo models have only gotten better over the last few years. You may want to also consider the Pamlico 120. The Pungo 120 comes standard with the Phase 3 seating while the Pamlico 120 does not but when you add the Phase 3 cost in on the Pamlico it comes out about the same. Sorry you lost your yak and good luck.

Performs well. too
The seat is great, it moves right along and is stable as you can get. And, it’s got a bulkhead, should the unthinkable happen. I feel the materials and workmanship are at the top of its classification, but I would also consider an Old Town product. I know the amenities are not on a par with WS (and that the hardcore turn their noses up), but they make a solid boat. I just don’t like the floppy, tupperware rec boats. Another possibility in the WS family is the Tarpon 120.

If you can
check out the new Old Town Casco 120 it has the same bottom as the Loon 120 but they changed the decks(made taller in the front for foot room) added a sealed back bulkhead(with camed locking hatch) ,Changed the opening to the same as the Adventure XL’s(bigger)and added a flat metal plate under the rear handle for locking cable. worth looking at!

Good Journey’s


Unless I read your message wrong, your dealer incorrectly told you that the classics were no longer available. My trusted (individually owned) WS dealer in Dallas stocks both the new Pungo 120’s and the Pungo “Classic”. The “Classic” is rotomoulded from the same casting as your recently melted “real Pungo,” but uses the newer, lighter, and slightly stiffer plastic. The new plastic material is about all that could be done to improve an already perfect yak. REI also carries them as regular stock.

Although slightly different, I found the hulls to still be very similar in design. The newer Pungo has an overall lower profile and does seem to glide a bit better but the higher profile of the original design tends keep you dryer when the water is choppy.

Enough babbling and opinions…go out and try both the Classic" and 120 and make your own decision.

mikepaddle (proud owner of a “real Pungo” and a Tarpon 160.)

Pungos and Santees in SE Michigan
If you want to try the Hurricane Aquasports boats, the Kayak Corral in Saline carries them. They have a pond to test them onsite. I think that Great Lakes Docks and Docks in Algonac is also carrying them. My wife paddled the Santee XL in class at Quiet Water Sports in Jackson. She liked it a lot and may be buying one this spring. It’s light, but not as fast or smooth as your Pungo. Both it and the longer Tampico were too small for me. A new model for larger paddlers, the Pametto, is coming out this spring. The nearest dealer I found to demo Wilderness Systems yaks is Fluid Fun Canoe and Kayak in Bristol, IN. It’s about a 4-5 hour drive from the Detroit Metro area. It’s due south of Kalamazoo in Indiana. I drove there last fall to test a Pungo 140 and a few other boats. Check out their web site. REI in Troy carries Pungo 120s and 140s, as well as a number of other boats. Color choices are limited, but they will special order also.

go for a new pungo
I have 2 2003 pungo 120’s, my wife and i love them. the new models now have phase 3 seats which are extremly comfory and are adjustable. yes the boats do track very well. I plan on doing alot of fishing (salt,fresh) this season in the pungo.

good luck with what ever you get.


Dick’s Sporting Goods…
…here in Dayton, Ohio, has the Pungo Classic. For what it’s worth, I have a Perception Sundance 12.0 and am very happy with it.

while testing check out the tarpon series, I like the 160… great fishing platform. and its a quantum leap speed wise from the pungo.

The Pungo 140 is reputed to be a
great boat.

I would get a new Pungo

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I have never paddled an original Pungo, but from what I have been told, the new Pungo is a significant improvement over the original. My buddy at work just got a brand new Pungo 120 angler model, and I have a Pungo 140. My 140 is a great boat, and it is more roomy and faster than his 120. I don't think you would go wrong with either of these boats.

The old Pungo 120, is still available as the Pungo Classic, and with the new Phase 3 seat, it would probably be much more comfortable for long paddles than your old Pungo.

Boaters World currently has the Pungo Classic listed on their website and in their catalog for $399. Looks like a pretty good buy considering that the MSRP of the new Pungo 120, is over $600, and the 140 is $700.

I am thinking about buying one just to keep around for when one of my boatless friends or relatives wants to go paddling.

Thanks All!
I loved my old Pungo. I was affraid the new design would take away from the orignal design not add to it. From the sounds of it, I will be happy with the new 120.

Thanks again for the info on the new lines.


Now move on over to the rack question… :slight_smile:

still use mine
for a quick evening paddle. love the Pungo. I noticed the new 120’s have an optional angler package. rod holders and extra rigging… might be something you would like. the new Classics are 10 lbs lighter and seem a bit faster.

pungo 120 alternative
Hi, My suggestion would be to go to Perceptions web site. They have a kayak called the Sundance that might fit your needs. It’s about the same size as the pungo (I think) but tracks beautifully with tracking channels on the hull and a slightly elongated design. It has a very large cockpit with plenty of room for fishing gear and moving around. You can contact Perception through the site and get a list of dealers that may be within your reach if the model suits you. Good luck! I have a Swifty, a slightly smaller version and wouldn’t part with it without getting another to replace it.

Feathercraft Kahuna
That way you can store it yourself. Weighs about 35 ibs. Take it along on the plane.

Pungo Classic
Sorry for your loss but do not fret. You can still get the same kayak. Right now Dick’s Sporting Goods is having a sale on the Victory Classic 12 for $399. In the special you get up to $100 of accessories free (PFD & paddles). Guess what? The Victory Classic is the same as the original Wilderness Systems Pungo Classic (plus some new improvements). It is a new line of kayaks under the parent company Confluence Watersports who owns and makes kayaks for WS. This is a great value ! So if you want to get the same kayak that you used to own then I recommend you check it out. Best of luck.

Happy Paddling,


I second that emotion
Definately try Kayak Corral in Saline. Great selection for canoes, whitewater yaks, touring, and recreational kayaks. Dana is a super guy!! He also carries an impressive line of accessories too. www.kayakcorral.com They have an 800 number so it won’t be long distance.

Thanks! I don’t exactly require the P3 seating but that Victory has ZERO padding and for as the $100 off equipment, ours currently does not have much summer stock left and all they have is crappy paddles and ski vest.


Boatert’s world

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The Pungo Classic at Boaters world has the P3 seat, and only costs $399.