Pungo 120

Does anyone use a 120 for camping. All my camping stuff is backpacking gear, and am wondering if I could stuff an overnights worth of camping gear into a Pungo 120.

Pungo 140 okay for a week
I had enough for a week in my Pungo 140. I took my REI 2-person tent, fleece vest and fleece jacket and goretex jacket (for Maine’s 37 degree night and cool rainy days), small tarp, sleeping bag, thermarest mattress, spare paddle (inside rear hatch) cooking gear, and food. I had clean t-shirt and undies for each day, spare pants and rain pants and long sleeve shirt. Also towels and toiletries and a couple of books to read. I had more than I could ever carry on my back as a hiker. An overnight should be easy with a 120. Just pack carefully and use dry bags.

I rented a 120 last year
There is easily enough room for overnight gear in there (probably enough room for a few days); unless you pack much more heavily than most.

Have fun.

This is good to hear
I’m picking up a Pungo 140 in two weeks and was hoping I could try camping with it. If this is my last post, you’ll know it didn’t go well. LOL

I have a buddy that does it all the time. I usually end up taking his cooler in my canoe tho, so pack wisely.

I can pack a week’s worth in my 140 and I bring everything but the kitchen sink… tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, stove, cooking stuff, tarp with poles, spare paddle, etc etc. I use backpacking freeze-dried type meals and I carry in water. A 120 should be fine for an overnight. Dry bags are crucial since there is no partition for the bow storage. Have a blast!