Pungo 140 Dog Boat?

Does anyone have any experience taking a good size dog, 55#, paddling in a Pungo 140?



My friend
did once. not all that much room once ya both get in from the loks of things. If your dog is well trained it is doable. His dog is over #55 though.

140 Pungo
I paddled a friend’s 140 last weekend on the Lumber/Pee Dee Rivers. I didn’t have a dog aboard, but I’d say there’s ample room in the cockpit for a dog that size. The boat owner had about that weight in beer stored inboard, the beer would “sit and stay” very well. :slight_smile:

problem is…
not so much in the size but in the location of your best friend’s sitting area. it is right where you need clearance to paddle properly. they get in the way. same for kids in a 140.

a better alternative is the Pamlico 145, a dedicated tandem that is small enough to paddle as a single but ya get the second seating area.


OK, that makes sense. Ill take a look at the 145 infomation.



I agree with Flatpick
As an owner of 2 WS pungo 140’s I would say there is not much room up there for a dog, especially a bigger one.

If he (the dog and owner)was really well behaved and it was a short trip, maybe.

Loon 138 is great pet boat
Take look at a Loon 138, the seat slides to the back.


lack of center pipe allows for more comfort,put the non-stick tape or bath mat down.

Pungo 120 Classic and Dog
I have a Pungo 120 and take my 45# Australian Shepard with me every time. This is our first year kayaking and we love it. I bought the 120 for its large cockpit to give me plenty of room with her. I suggest getting a carpet sample and putting it in the bottom of the yak, this helps keep my dog from slipping and gives her a little traction to turn around. Have fun