Pungo 140 Flotation

Can anyone recommend a flotation bag for the bow of a Pungo 140 that gives a good tight fit as far up as possible? I bought NRS bow bags that were great for my wife’s 120. However, the 140 has that small foam pillar that doesn’t allow you to wedge them in. Contacting Wildernes Systems was of course useless as it always is.

Which bags did you get for your 120?
I’d like to get some for our boats and I’m guessing we would need about the same size. Thanks.

Hope someone helps with the 140 question.


Sizing chart?
I think NRS has a sizing chart, but for some reason I can’t get to it…maybe the link will work for you. If not, maybe email Wilderness and see if they have a sizing chart or manufacturer recommendations.


Sent mine back

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I just returned the bow float bags that I had purchased. If I jammed them up far enough so that they were wedged tight so they wouldn't pop out, they really didn't have room to expand much.

If I placed them a bit further back toward the cockpit so they could expand more, they weren't secure and certainly would have popped out.

These were for a Sundance 12, also with the center pillar.

I put a 2 dollar beach ball in the front of my sundance 120 and strung a cord between the foreward end of the foot brace brackets in order to keep it in place. Hillbilly engineering.

Pool noodles

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I've been thinking about putting pool noodles in the bow, between the outer wall of the kayak and the pillar.

The paddling net member who originally owned my Pungo put in bulkheads. I don’t know where he got the kit from though. I’m just very glad they are there.

Pool noodles seem like a good idea to me though. One ought to be able to cut them up and then duct tape them in place. They have a lot of floatation.

Is that you, Linda?
Got a new handle? I got the one precut from Flatpick and Alder Creek. It needed minimal shaping and cost less, including s/h, than a block of uncut foam. I also used installation instructions that I got from Bnystrom here. Gotta love this site.


Pungo 140 Flotation
The NRS #2080 bow bags worked in the Pungo 120. The foam pillar is totally different in the 140. I doubt if any bow bag other than one that goes behind the pillar will work. As far as Wilderness Systems, again they are totally unresponsive to their customers (I e-mailed them). Just look how long they took to update their website - a standing joke. This should be taken into account by those looking to purchase a kayak in the future - I know I will.

will send you a b/h kit.


Pungo 140 Flotation
I got some styrofoam from an old dock, measured my bow and stern, cut the stuff with a hand saw, and shoved it in. For the bow, I took out the footrests first. When I put the footrests in, they will held the foam in place. The stern wasn’t a problem because the seat held it in. I used the beachball system too, but wanted something that filled up more space. Talk about Hillbilly Tech, you should see my homemade rack, but that’s another story.


yes it is me
Tonight the group goes to Madison Lake State Park, which will be a welcome change from the reservoirs north of town.

I’m enjoying the Pungo very much. I hope to be up in September to spend more time on Michigan’s clean beautiful inland lakes.

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Thanks! NM