Pungo 140 spray skirt

I was wondering if there is any mini spray skirt available for the 140. I just want some shade protection. Thank you

Do you mean a splash deck?
If so, Seals makes them.


Sizing info can be found at the bottom of the Seals page.

google online
for best price on a Harmony brand. They are called recreational kayak mini skirts. Paid around $30 for mine. Very good quality. Perfect fit for my pungo.

I have one from Field and Stream
But looking for a link it appears they don’t sell them anymore.

Mine fits a 140 but the back half is just a bungee cord tied in a knot. I’ve retied the knot to fit smaller cockpits. In the pictures it looks like the Harmony is the same way.

Any Wildy dealer should have one in stock or you can order direct from their accessory site Harmony Gear.