Pungo 140 to Eddyline Equinox

I have been owned Pungo 140’s f or a number of years - does anyone have any experience with the Eddyline 14 ft. vs the Pungo for coastal paddling? I’m looking for the same stability but easier car top/lighter - for an old guy (myself). MY alternative would be to buy a lower car than my Honda Element. Any help much appreciated.

Yes and no
The Equinox is still a rec boat, but decidedly narrower than the Pungo. You will initially notice the loss of width.

However, if you must do coastal waters in a rec boat the Eddyline is a significantly better idea than any of the Pungos.

I would suggest you just give yourself time to get used to the different feeling, stay nearer shore until you have it. By the end of the summer you will not be able to remember what you were worried about.

Thank you.
Good evaluation, makes me want the chance to try it out.

I keep my Equnox as a loaner for new paddlers or when my adult kids visit. Eddyline sells it as a rec/touring hybrid. It is sized and has stability of a rec boat but has two hatches and a cockpit sized to accept a spray skirt. It is a go straight boat that does not need a rudder or skeg and is not the fastest boat in the fleet. But it will likely serve your needs very well.


Thank you.
Stability and straight tracking are important to me. Thank you.