Pungo 140 value

I keep looking for a kayak that would be good for a person that is 5’8" 285 pounds. Just wants to use it for cruising down a lazy river, and some easy lake days. It will be purely recreational, and nothing more.
I found a used Pungo 140 but I’m thinking the price is pretty high.
I live in the Twin Cities area Minnesota.
What should a person expect to pay for one that is in really good condition ?

Half the retail cost is a place to start.

They’re no longer made but sold for about $1000 new. They were/are a pretty good recreational kayak, a lengthened version of the hugely popular Pungo 120 that is probably the best selling rec boat ever made. The 140 also comes with both fore and aft compartments, an important safety consideration that very few rec boats have.

I think a good used 140 would be in pretty high demand. Price would depend on condition and age but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one listed for $600 or so.

Thank you. That is exactly what I offered the guy for it, but he is asking $975 which is about what you could buy them for brand new when they were around.
Unfortunately, he hasn’t answered me back, so I’m thinking he may have gotten a bit insulted after asking the high price. lol.

He gets points for trying but loses them for not understanding the market. I tried that approach years ago and learned it didn’t work.


You might ask the seller for the last two digits in the hull number, probably stamped into the hull near the stern. That gives the year of manufacture and might give you some leverage to negotiate a better price (if he ever replies).

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Prices are stupid around here. Just say a Perception Conduit 9.5 asking $650.
LOL. That’s more than new.

Would be worth $$$$$$ if it was a Pamlico 140


Might be a museum piece.

WOW, so this morning I upped my offer to $650
He just got back to me and said he sold it for $975.
Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but if it is true, I guess the old PT Barnum saying is true.
There is a sucker born every minute.

That’s what’s so fun about CL; from total rip-offs to amazing deals, just like…people. :wink:

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I was once told by an Art Gallery owner, “The value of anything is determined by what the seller wants for it and the buyer is willing to pay.” There are many things to consider: How many years ago did the kayak sell for $1,000 new? Don’t forget inflation! Then there is the condition of the kayak as well as how many others are available for sale? The guy that paid $975 may feel he got a good deal. You may think the seller was trying to " rip you off." On the other hand, he has exactly what he wanted and can hit the river tomorrow while you are still waiting for a “good deal”. Just sayin’…


…or the seller might just be lying through his teeth.

Pungo 140s were selling new for $1000 less than two years ago.

There ya go! There are a lot of speculators that don’t really want to sell an item but will, if they can find someone who wants the item more than they do!

Well I found my girlfriend a Wilderness systems Pamlico 14 in really good shape.
Got out today with it for a couple hours on the river, and she loved it. I know it is a slow boat, but she felt like she was flying compared to her 10 ft cheap play boat that she had before.

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Is it red and does it have a “gray thing” in the bow?
Some say that it’s the greatest boat ever made…

Old joke and long story back on P.net

Lol. It’s not red, its blue.

I owned a number of the Pungo 140’s over the last 15 years, and sold the last one due to my age and after buying an SUV.
After resolving my car-topping issues, I had to look for a used Pungo 140, since the 140 model was discontinued after 2017. I found a former rental 140, that looked like new, at a canoe & kayak shop for for $500. I have also seen Pungos at scalper prices on craigslist, some are very old editions (pre 2015) with the rubber hatch covers and with no console.
LL Bean sometimes has “returned kayaks” at a reasonable price - EMS used to have 15% off sales for new kayaks.
I tried the shorter 120/125 versions but the 140’s two bulkheads (as mentioned) is a plus and the longer length of the 140 make for better tracking, a bit more speed but requiring a little more effort for turning around. I used to keep a half size milk crate with fishing gear behind the seat/resting against the comb (not pressing against the bulkhead!) Good luck!

I’m keeping mine.

I have two Pungo wilderness 140’s (2013) original owner with dashboards and paddles for sale, willing to take $600 for each, comes with cartop carrier.