Pungo 140

Just got an awsome deal on a pungo 140 from KFS…cant wait to get it next week and start getting it ready to fish.Does anyone else here use this boat to fish from?Whats some of the best things that you have added to this boat to make it a great fishing rig?Whats some of the things you wish you would have skipped?



Absolute minimum
Put on a rod holder. More than one can be useful, but at least one is necessary. Wait until you’ve got a few paddles under your belt though. I recommend the Scotty brand.

Being that that’s a sit-in, I also recommend having a bailing sponge and a bilge pump lashed in somewhere.

Somewhere to hold your tackle. This can be as simple as a Plano flat box under the deck rigging to things far more elaborate.

If you’re ocean-going, or really anything other than moderate to small rivers, you may need some additional safety items. I fish small to moderate sized rivers, so my safety needs are significantly reduced from someone making ocean crossings.

A skirt. One with a bursting bar that helps the water to drain off the sides is good for a cockpit as large as the Pungo has

A paddle.

A good, comfortable PFD that you will wear.

If you aren’t already an accomplished paddler who understands cold water paddling and has both the skills and equipment to survive, wait until the water is warm enough not to kill you before you go. Go with a buddy until you are comfortable in your water, and then even after when you can.

A copy of “Kayakfishing: The Revolution”.

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thanks for the advice…I live in south western PA all my fishing will be deep slow moving rivers and inland lakes.(no ocean or even lake erie for this boat)thats one reason why i went with the pungo…I like the scotty flush mount adaptors and the ball mount stuff…at least the look and versitility.I havent used a kayak for fishing ever so I’m gonna take it slow and easy before I even think about putting holes in it.I have seen many people make a dashboard for the pungos…That will prob be my first move.

If you primarily fish lakes and slow
rivers, the thread on the Old Town Loon tandem has some applications that you may want to consider. Take a look. As for the basics, Big D covered them. Safety first, PFD worn all the time and learn the kayak before venturing far from shore.

What rivers are you fishing
Juniata and Yough probably, though I’m not sure I’d think of them as large, slow rivers. So maybe you’re hitting the Ohio and Monongehela and whatever the other one is over there in Pittsburgh. Didn’t think there’d be real good fishing there, but who would think that there’s excellent largemouth bass fishing in Washington, DC? Not me, but there is.

If you get to the Juniata or the Yough, give me an email (well in advance if possible). I’d like to join you if I can fit it into my schedule. My schedule is tightly contrained by family on the weekends.

If you make it down northern Virginia/southern Maryland way, let me know. I’ll put you on some good fishing water on the upper Potomac.

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mostly fishing the beaver river up where the Conequenessing feeds into it and maybe along the Ohio river as well.Lake Aruthor, Shanago lake,and maybe Raystown.

Sounds good..not sure if I'll hit those spots this year but it is a posibility.

Raystown is a ‘trolling’ lake
The traditional wisdom on Raystown is to troll big and troll deep. Based on my lack of success with cast and retrieve presentations, I may have to agree with them somewhat.

That said, I can recall being in a shallow cove at sunrise and seeing dozens of sizable smallies cruising the shallows one Fall. I didn’t land any of them, but my Dad did and it was a bruiser. (My dad always outfishes me) I wish I had had a fly rod and canoe with me. As it was, we were in a big old console fishing boat. The captain motored right up into the middle of them and started lobbing minnows and big weights carelessly. Stealth would have gotten us one heck of a fishing day even before the sun came up.

Let me know how your trips to Raystown go.

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I may not make it out to Raystown this summer but I am deff planing on making it there in sept for the meet and great this board puts together there.It sounds like alotta fun.But who knows where the wind will blow me and my new boats this summer.

love mine however it is extra special
The former owner put in sealed - the term escapes my literally taxed brain today, bulkheads? This means that if it gets capsized or something there is a lot less water to bail.

I might fish one day, but mostly I take my waterproof camera and extra batteries, lunch, and for safety sake a waterproof cell phone.

Once I’m launched I feel quite safe, even when speed boats throw four inches of water at me and I have to use the bilge pump. I do not go out on the great lakes in it but the previous owner had it in many places my skills are not up to including Lake Michigan if my memory serves me well.

Membors of the local club were pleased to know about the seals and also pleased to know that I can swim and that I float like a cork and have a plan for if I do get dumped out.

So if you catch that giant fish that tries to topple you over - have a plan. good luck!

The Raystown get together
Has been held in October, this year likely to be weekend of 11th or 18th. Don’t want to start any thread about it in Jan.

I’m from SW Pa also though I fish from solo canoe. I’ve tried to get together with Bassman2 but things got in the way. I like to fish Lake Arthur and Wilhelm. Always like the Allegheny up north, the Yough from Connellsville to Layton. Fished Raystown a good bit but hte lake is difficult due to its clarity and depth. Had real nice days on the river below the spillway.

Last year was a poor one for fishing opportunities due to business travel. Hoping for better this year. I’ll look for the yellow pungo bristling with fishing rods !

Pungo 140

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I've been fishing form a Pungo 140 for 5 years now. I'm in East Palestine. There are a few easy things to do:

1. get a paddle leash and also some kind of leash for your rod. I installed some pad eyes and cleats to my boat. These are helpful for attaching leashes, stringers, and such.
2. Get a good 'Lip Grip' and a set of long needle noses for hook removal.
3. Get a waterproof flashlight and keep it in the kayak, because I quarantee that you will be fishing some evening and having such a good time that you will want to stay out after dark.
4. Get some kind of rod holder for trolling.

I have found the Pungo to be a very good fishing boat. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

East Palistine
I live in Darlington…when we goin fishing…I’m right by Jacks service station…EP used to be my old stomping grounds back in the day…Maybe you can swing down and help me out with my boat over a few beers of course…shoot me an e mail we’ll exchange numbers

Picked up an ospray fishing pfd…just got a yellow spray skirt to match my kayak for the days I just wanna paddle when it’s cold…still need to get a nice paddle and rod holders and such…I got a ton of pvc…I’m gonna try and make a small crate for behind the seat and pvc holders for the first part of spring …then I’ll start punching holes in the kayak…I wanna get a cheap ff for locating structure .

Pungo tackle tray
I see where Wilderness now has a molded plastic tray that fits over the front of the Pungo cockpit. Or maybe its from someone else. Saw it at Travel Country OUtdoor store in Altamonte Springs, near Orland.


Pungo tackle tray
Does anyone have a link to where I can get one of those tackle trays?


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is the new Kayak Konsole..it will be standard on all 08 pungos


KFS has said that they will be carrying these after feb.

kayak tray
hi… i think Harmony makes a “tray” that fits across the rim of a kayak …i just don’t know it’s dimensions or what it will fit …also a outfit caled “West Marine”, a marine store, carries a tray in it’s catalog, that fits on a cockpit …again…i don’t know it’s dimensions

I recommend against leashes
At least for fishing in current. I’d rather lose a rod or a paddle than get a leash caught around my neck with the current tugging it tighter.

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