Pungo Angler

I got a lead on a Pungo Angler yesterday. He said it’s very well kept but from 2002. I’m curious, are these older models are basically the same very well reviewed Pungos I read about today? He mentioned a lot of the features I know about but nothing about the removable console, so I’ll check on that.

Anything I should be specifically looking for?

Thanks and this’ll be my first Kayak.

There were several versions of the Pungo marketed through it’s life cycle. I had one of the origional 1990’s12’1" versions latter known /reproduced as the " Pungo Clasic". There were also the Pungo120 and Pungo140. Slightly different hulls.

That said, the entire Pungo line earned the respect of ALLOT of fisherman. Efficient paddlers , tracking beyond there length and very good stability. My Pugo is one of the few boats I’ve taken into open ocean fishing and felt good about it. ( Nantucket sleigh ride!)

WS marketed their The "anglers’ as just the same boat in slecial colors with an option package to include anchors, rod holders ( and maybe that console.)

You can likely look up the specs at wildernesss Systems web site.


Pungo’s are good
But talking to the store, I am told that the older boats are thicker, stronger and heavier than the newer ones, even if it is the ‘exact’ same model.