pungo bottom finish

I have a pungo120. It appears the bottom is not finished as smooth as the top. Is there anything I can put on the bottom so it reduces the drag that might be created by the unfinished surface. Will a marine boat polish work, or is there something else that might work better?


Noone can paddle a Pungo fast
enough for the hull finish to matter.Just go enjoy your boat.

For hull finish to matter at all , you have to be a pro , the boat has to be longer and narrower than a Pungo, and then you are talking minutes over many miles.

bottom finish
I’m not trying to paddle fast it just seems that with a smoother bottom there would be less drag, therefore the kayak would glide thru the water easier.

You bet there is…
When I used to race Pungos in the USPRA, we would use a heated automotive car wax. The heat eliminated the microspopic ‘ridges’ which serve to create drag, and the wax would fill what was left.

This resulted in a mirror like finish, with no significant drag, and allowed me and my team to consistently place in the top 3 nation-wide.

Pungo racing is some of the most exciting in the sport of kayak.

There are larger

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and more mysterious forces at work here. Smoothing the hull isn't going to make any noticeable difference and it will just get scratched up again anyway. Now if you melted the hull down and poured it into a form for a longer, narrower kayak you'd get better glide. Other than that I guess you could sand it all in one direction but I'd rather be out paddling it! Not much will stick to that plastic so you can't really coat it. Or you might try bolting on a trolling motor... ; )

Very clever. There’s always a lot
of arguing about whether smoothness helps speed or not, but I believe that in the speed range of Pungos and canoes, it probably does help.

I just did a search of the USPRA, and the first hit was the “United States Psychiatric rehabilitation Association”

I can see why if you are serious Pungo racer.

I just finished racing in a USCA Comp Cruiser, and I doubt if the scratches on the bottom affected my speed.

Don’t sweat the little stuff. Just paddle and enjoy it.

Jasck L

US Pungo Racing Association…
Look it up Jack, it’s been around for years…

Might want to consider ski wax which can be melted on with a hot iron this should increase your glide to the point that you would not have to paddle anymore after about 3 paddle strokes.

Think less. Paddle more.NM

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