"Pungo Classic" fishing

Anyone have or ever had a Pungo Classic they fished from? I have an opportunity to buy one (ultralight version) with accessories and I was wondering if it would be good to fish from, I will also be using it for relaxing and fun but fishing is a main concern, it looks good for a beginners boat as far as I can tell.

I have a buddy who had a Pungo as his first boat.

It’s a fine calm water boat for fishing.

I’ve paddled one. Though I didn’t fish from it, it would have been fine to fish from. The multiple chines provide some interesting results in current, so I wouldn’t rely on it for any heavy duty rivers. But you’d be fine in calm water, including rivers where the current isn’t too fast.

If it’s a good price on the boat, you could do a lot worse than a Classic Pungo.

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Pungo Classic
I had one that I bought at Dicks Sporting Goods at a discounted price and its a nice little boat, became my favorite for lake fishing, super stable comfortable and nice speed. Not as good in shallow rivers but still a good overall little boat. Recommend it.

Just sold mine this past year, but plan to get another. It was great to fish from, I rigged it with a few extra rod holders and a fish finder, what was neat was hooking a chopper bluefish in some saltwater near my house and getting towed around for a little bit. I find it a perfect cooler weather boat as it keeps your butt dry, unlike the SOTs.