pungo or pamlico.

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hi all.

lets see...

i was looking at a pungo first..then i saw a pamlico 135t a duo kayak that have tons off place,,that i could put stuff in for fishing.

and got a deal brand new here at 719cdn.

almost 400 saving frome pungo.140((here in canada/ontario)

not to long ..13.6 lenght
31 inch widht
69 pound..minus the back seat 63 pound arpox.

pungo 140....14 feet
28 widht
53 pound

so tru its 10 pound lightter but mutch les space to put stuff(for me)then my pamlico.

so i went and took my back seat out..still have in case i want to bring a kids etc.

and start to rig it.

sorry its a link to other site..its just to show the pict there 2 tread in one..you will see the riging and the accesories i put on.

i dont no why people dont get those insted off pungo..pungo are great to..just for me i like that one more for the size off the cockpit etc.

speed way..i got 6,2 mph on it on 2 gps..so still fast anaugh.plus speed is not a major thing wen you fish.

so people if you look for a fishing boat a pungo as an ex think as one option.




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here was the first start off te riging part.


i am now shoping for my next kayak one more..a sit on top.

i am looking betwen the mad river synergy 14 nd the natibe manta ray 14.

then might build myself a skin on frame kayak for the paddling for fun and project.

Joco the weather really needs to break so we can get some fishing in…once again thats a sweet looking Pamlico…and I am building that willow tarp kayak…


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I am building that willow tarp kayak...

can t wait to see the end result.

off that tarp kayak...hahaha.

for the one that want to no what we are talking about...

this is the tarp kayak...hahaha.



Joco, see you found texaskayakfishing.
com and Cap’t Jacks Pamlico tandem. I was going to give you the link. He’s been at it a while, also a pretty damn good paddler. Believe he’s paddled his kevlar Pamlico on the Texas Water Safari, one of the toughest marathon paddling challenges.

thanks anyway bud…the taught that count…

yes i saw is pamlico…nice boat for sher.

it was nice to see…we dont anugh off pamlico…still dont no why.

there just great boats. for fishing.

and the ride is great to.


Uh Oh
A kevlar pamlico…maybe a certain kid will hear of it and start an entire new touring thread…roflmao…good thing this isn’t in the general fourm…lol

I’ve looked with envy at that
Kevlar Pamlico for 4 years. Nice boat and light weight. It would work well for my type of fishing, primarily for catfish. I have wondered, though, if it has a “gray” thing.