pungo question.

hi all.

anyone off you try the pungo120 AND the pungo 140.

big deference…???

in the ride etc.??

for a 240pound man.



pungo 12
I’m almost the same weight as you and I’ve paddled the 12 footer a bunch around L. Champlain. It’s not bad but I’d rather have the 14.(The 12’ is my wifes)


I owned and original Pungo 12 for years and it was fine for my 250 plus gear. I didn’t like it for rivers because its deep V caught on every rock in the river when the water was low. For everything else it was great. It was the fastest 12 foot boat I’ve ever paddled. I haven’t tried the pungo 14

I own both
I own both and I range from 240-250. I rarely paddle either any more, as whitewater has been my paddling for the last three years, but I can tell you that I liked both of them for different reasons.

The 140 was a little faster once up to speed. The 120 is a little more maneuverable, though once you get a descent lean down there is not a lot of difference.

I mostly used the 140 for lake paddling, and the 120 for river paddling. The storage capacity is greater in the 140 obviously. I have done overnight trips in both and like the extra room of the 140.

Weight: The 140 is a pig. The extra 8-10 lbs of the 140 is significant.

Both are great boats.

Good luck.


my 2 cents
alright, I have a Victory Kayak classic 12 (now the navigator) which was an Old Pungo mold. I loved it. I thought about getting a 140 later. That boat is gone now, but not by my choice. I could do just about anything in it. I know that you could easily fish out if it. If you wanted to do a bit more than a basic overnight I would think the 140 is a better choice, but I do not have experience.


A propos, votre 135T m’a inspiré, je ne fais pas remeber si je vous ai dit cela. Il m’a donné quelques grandes idées.

If you plan on paddling more than a few miles than you’ll be happy to have the 140. If you plan to ever do any weekend trips/overnighters, you’ll appreciate the extra packing room on the 140. It’s got TONS of space.

If you’re only poking around or fishing close to the put-in then the 120 will suit you’re needs VERY well and IMO will be easier to sell in a few years should you’re intrests change. It’s a very easy boat to like.

The 140 will cruise slightly faster than the 120 but the 120 will be easier to car top due to lighter weight and not being as far from you’re center (I’d rather hold 5 pounds on my shoulder than 2 pounds at the end of a stick)

FWIW I own the 140 and do like it for cold flat water or lazy summer paddles.