Pungo Question

Im thinking of picking up a used pungo, and I was wondering if there was a difference between the older and the newer models? Looking at the pictures, it looks that the cockpit is smaller on the older, then the newer ones.

Are there any other differences?



More info?
How old is the Pungo you are looking at and which model? The 100, 120, or larger?

I will say that the difference was a redesigned hatch cover from 2008 to the 2009. Not sure of a difference in cockpit size. We added more Pungos to our fleet and noticed the upgrade in hatch design right off.

Hope this helps some!

The new ones haven’t been around Africa yet, but still have plenty of room for rolls;) They are the most awesomest kayak.

Sorry, it just came out.

The Pungo 140
The Pungo 140s made the last couple of years have bulk heads front & back. You can now store the rolls in the front of the kayak.


Pungo 120
What I’m looking at is the 120’s. I’m not sure of the year of the older one, but the hatches are definitely different. The newest one is the most recent model.

I’m more concerned about the cockpit. I’m a tall and need room to move about.

tons of room in the Pungo 120
My dog sits infront of me in mine…i call it a hybrid/canoe/kayak. I love it for rec. paddling with the pup and just letting life drift by!