Pungo Repair: Can I re-seal the drywell?

I have a Pungo 120 which I stored outside, and as you can see from the below picture, it appears an animal has chewed up the top right section of the drywell foam a bit. Additionally, it seems the seam of silicone or whatever it is at the bottom of the foam has failed and water leaks into the drywell. Can this be easily repaired? And if so, what do I need to buy to repair it? Can I purchase a new piece of foam from Pungo or anything to replace the one that is chewed up? Thanks for any help.


you can buy
closed cell foam from NRS (www.nrsweb.com) and cut to make a new bulkhead. Lexall sealant or a marine sealant like 501 will seal the bulkhead in.

my be able to get you a replacement bulkhead aready cut to fit. You would have to remove the old materal and all the sealant around the hull. It may be simpler to patch with G-flex or whatever goop Wilderness uses to seal the bulkhead in the first place. Sorry I don’t know what they use.

Find another place to store the kayak or use a cockpit cover to help keep critters out.

Chewing superficial
The chew marks appear superficial. I think you can keep the existing foam.

What I would do.

Take a piece of wire or flexible knife and shove it between the hull and the foam. Work all the way around on both sides.

Push the foam out through the cockpit.

Cut a generous (half inch or so) chamfer around both sides of the foam.

Push the foam back into place.

Fill in the area between foam and hull formed by the chamfer with Lexel.

Looks easy to fix
I’d just seal it all up with Hippo Patch