Pungo Superlight Question

I have a chance to buy a used Pungo Superlight with 2 rod holders, paddle holder, 1 hatch with screw down cover, padded adjustable seat, floatation bladders, fitted cockpit cover and Ocean kayak paddle. I will be using the boat mainly for fun on flat water and slower rivers but will want to fish these waters from it as well. There is not much info available for this boat, at least not that I’ve found. I was just wondering what a good used price would be and if it would be a good kayak for my needs.

forgot to mention that this will be my first kayak, I was originally looking at the Pungo 140 but can’t yet afford one, which is why I’m looking to go used for now. Any suggestions would be very helpful

So it’s a 120? Our local outfitter was
selling a demo outfitted like this for $800. I thought that was a little steep. I paddled the boat and loved it. Very quick and nimble and the weight is great for handling out of the water.

not a 120
It is supposedly a “Pungo classic” made of a lighter material. I am not exactly sure, if it was the newer style 120 I would jump on it! I have read the reviews on the classic here and it seems like a good boat, just a bit older.

Older Is Better
Jump on it for 550.00 or less. It’s a great first boat and excellant for fishig lakes and slow rivers. The new 120 is good but too high priced new. You can buy a brand new Pungo Classic (not the ultralight) at REI for 500.00. It’s just a few pounds heavier. Have fun.

Yep Pungo Classic

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what is the asking price? The standard Pungo Classic is now the Victory and is sold is stores like Dicks for around 300.00 new on sale. It was a fantastic and favorite kayak for fishing as posted on many kayak fishing forums but I would not pay much more than 250.00 for a used one. Read this http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/showReviews.html?prod=1356

That’s the plastic model
The Ultralight is a lighter material. I don’t recall what because plastic is good enough for me.

The Pungo Classic is a good reliable boat. The hard chines have provide some interesting results in current, but as a first boat you could do a hole lot worse. My brother has a Pungo Classic that he’s paddled comfortably all over the mid-Atlantic in rivers, bays, ocean, where-ever there’s water and he has no interest in upgrading.

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Pungo Lite
I have the Pungo 120 regular and have compared it to the Pungo 120 Lite.

The seat is smaller in the Lite to reduce the weight.

There is a ridge support down the center of the boat which I do not like. I take my dog with me.

The Lite is a little more flimsy in that when I grap it by the cockpit and lift it, it flexes quite a bit. This is again tied to reducing the weight.