Pungo SuperLite vs Duralite

Could someone tell me the difference between a Wilderness Systems Pungo SuperLite and another Pungo of the same size made with Duralite…or are they one and the same?

There is a Difference
I stand to be corrected but I believe,that the Pungo “Superlite” was made for only one season and is based on the “original” Pungo mold. It came in either Yellow or Green and used a lighter density plastic resulting in about a 20% weight reduction over the regular model.

The “duralite” appears to use the same mold as the new series of Pungo 120’s and is made with an entirely new “composite like appearance” material. They look pretty sharp and are very light…somewhere around 38 pounds.


me thinks
you es correcto!

the ultra lights weren’t all that sturdy.


Pungo SuperLite vs Duralite Comparison
Thanks to Steve and Mike for the info. I wondered why Pungo SuperLites seemed suddenly to be out of the picture.

fine line
between SUPER LIGHT and flimsy. :wink:

given the recreational use the boat will get, it still has to hold up well. flimsy doesn’t cut it.

the new resin used in the dura-lite construction is sweet and IMO much better. heck we may see sea boats built out of it, or its relatives, someday.


The Pungo 120 Duralite
is made of thinner material than the poly of the Pungo 120. To maintain stiffness there is a keelson, and two bulkhead supports added forward and aft of the cockpit. I am looking forward to getting mine next month. I will gladly report on my evaluation of same at the appropriate time (after the shakedown cruise).