Pungo v. Pungo Classic

Doing a bit of armchair shopping in the used market here. I’ve found a few Pungo for sale, both the 120 and 140 variety.
I’ve discovered Pungo by Wilderness Systems and also Pungo Classic by Wilderness Systems. The specific examples I’ve found appear the Pungo boat is older than the Pungo Classic boat.
Is there any real difference in the two? Or is the difference in Pungo and Pungo Classic purely marketing and graphics?

I’ve owned Pungos for years. Never heard of a Classic .WS did some design changes on it’s best sellers a few years ago. I think they changed the look of the stern.
Have you asked WS?

The original Pungo was 12 feet long and had a pronounced, rounded keel at the stern. The newer Pungos (10, 12 and 14 feet) also have a pronounced keel at the stern but it’s more squared off. I think both the original and newer version have a bit of a vee shaped hull which, along with the keel, makes them track very well.

After the newer Pungos came out, I think Wilderness Systems reintroduced the original as the “Classic”, maybe as a cheaper option. I also saw the same hull shape sold at Dick’s sporting goods under the Victory brand name maybe 12-15 years ago.

In the photos, those are both the original 12 foot hull shape. The Classic would be at least a few years newer than the blue one.

I owned an original for a while. It had an enormous cockpit and did paddle nicely. I think the new version would have a larger stern hatch, nicer seat and is probably made of stiffer plastic.

I have the new version and it is a fine recreational kayak. The big cockpit is great for beasts my size and bigger. The Phase 3 seat is the best I’ve found.

Thanks for responses and the education.