Pungo vs. Vapor

does anyone have firsthand knowledge of both the 12 foot pungo and the 12 foot vapor kayak? Went to the kayak festival this weekend and loved the pungo, but couldn’t find a vapor to try out. as far as I can tell, they’re pretty similar.

if you’ve used both, which would you choose and why?

I liked the V-hulls better than anything else and as far as I can tell the vapor has a slight V hull also. the only other one I’d consider buying that I tried was a native marvel 12, or ultimate 12.

any helpful tips?


Your profile lists
coastal SC, and want to do ocean/sea. If this is correct and you are looking now for a boat to handle this environment, neither of these boats. They lack basic safety stuff for big water like bulkheads for floatation and full perimeter rigging.

If you are looking for a boat for flatter and more protected waters, and plan to gear up for the bigger water later on, that’s another matter.

What are you expecting to do and where would you go with this boat?

slow water, tidal creeks, inland lakes…
this boat would be used for slow water, tidal creeks and inland lakes on calm days. if I wanted to go sea kayaking, I’d rent an appropriate boat. I’m looking for something that would allow me to go on local blackwater type paddling trips.


Depth diff
At over 28 inches wide neither of these boats gives you a super convenient reach to the water unless you are unusually tall for a female, but between the two the Pungo is over 2 inches less deep. I don’t know anything about the comparative performance of these hulls, but I’d suggest you take a hard look at the shallower boat in terms of making it easier for you to get the paddle into the water.

I own a 12’ Pungo…
and admittedly know nothing about the Vapor. The Pungo120 is an excellent boat for beginners as well as those paddling quiet water on a regular basis. With “dashboard” and cockpit cover, you can enjoy your paddle in nice weather or even if a little rain intrudes on your paddle. My wife paddles the 120 when she joins me and is able to keep up reasonably well, as the boat paddles easily in a straight line, is very stable, and with a hatch and maybe one flotation bag up front, you can be confident of self rescue in case of a swim, and you’d have to REALLY work hard to flip a Pungo120