I just bough a pungo. The guy advertised it as a pungo 140. But it’s 12 feet. This is wrong right? It would be a pungo 120 wouldn’t it? I think it’s either an older model or a knock off because it doesn’t have a back hatch and it’s yellow. (wilderness site said the new models are blue and red) It’s only 4 years old but maybe it upgraded. I got a steal even if it’s a 120. Thanks for the input.

The original Pungo
is a different boat from the current 120. It was also a 12-ft. boat, but it was VERY different. The name was just plain “Pungo” and it had a small (maybe 6") screw-on hatch with a cat bag on the rear deck and no bulkhead. The hull was a very deep vee compared to the current Pungo 120. They reintroduced this older model a few years ago alongside the newer Pungos, but have since discontinued it. If I could see what you have I could tell you for sure whether it’s this old model or the new one.

Yup it just has a dry bag. I think you matched it. I’ will upload some pics after i take it out on the water. It’s in the back of a track face down. Is the regular pungo good/similar to the 120/140? Thanks

sounds like
a Pungo “Classic”

not completely sure but I think it only came in the 12’ size, it’s not a 140.

As canuka said…
The older Pungos were 12 ft and had a huge cockpit and a small screw hatch behind the seat. I had one (my first kayak)and it was a great starter boat. Loved the hard chines and the stability! I often took out my Labrador who would sit between my legs. Sometimes when I’m out just lilydipping, I miss it…

I also
bought the original Pungo as my first yak.Great boat!It did have a large cockpit but the newer versions added 2" to what I felt was already to large an opening.But that’s just the way almost all rec boats are designed anyway.Enjoy!